Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Word Tennis: Cameron Waving Cockily or Drowning?

Iain Dale reckons that Dave Cameron is deliberately losing PMQs to keep Gordon in post. Presumably the same is true of Nick Clegg who, although better than Cameron, was also easily bested by Brown?

Trouble is if - as Iain is suggesting - you are willing to throw the "third set" to keep your opponent in the game there is every chance that they will then tear up your script and knock you out with barn storming fourth and fifth years.

The fourth set/year of course will have European elections where the Tories must surely but surely reap the whirlwind of the ultra-sleazy Atkins, Chichester, Dover and so on. With Oily Duncan too very likely sailed off sleazily into the sunset.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris

I wanted you to know how much I appreciated all your help ... I trust that it will be appropriately rewarded!

Chris Paul said...

Cheers Whippy, it was nothing. My reward will be in heaven and in my own smug self satisfaction at doing the right thing. That is more than enough.

Anonymous said...

Yes, your own smug self satisfaction has always been more than enough.

Chris Paul said...

You do realise I was in Vaz mode there? Or are you having a go??

Anonymous said...

Option B!!!