Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Dorries Sensation: Gazillion Hits, Official

Just one hit above as Nadine Dorries crashes around Covent Garden (BBC). But read on and you'll find she is more of a big hitter than that. And whether you visit Nadine Dorries MP's blog of wanton barminess here or otherwise here (where "here" and "here" are at one and the some place) you will find that her parliamentary blogcullis is gone.

In the first case through a marginal re-design, in the second through a deliberately broken link. Unity at Ministry of Truth goes to the trouble of explaining what's going on.

Still no permalinks however despite the ten-keystroke compliance revamp. And I for one would not trust her figures for "hits" of 500,000 and 600,000 plus because I don't think she knows what "hits" are or ditto "the truth".

INCIDENTALLY: Having never spent any time in sub-Saharan Africa but a good deal of time and money promoting music from both West Africa and from South Africa and the "frontline states" I am intrigued at Ms Dorries' insights from "living and working" in Africa.

In Zambia I think she said it was. How long was she there?

Just a year - working a teacher, or community teacher, or headteacher, or school rescuer - as some sources have it? More than a year? She does paint herself as an old Africa hand after all? Or was it less than a year? If so, just how many months was it? Can anyone help me out?


Anonymous said...

The Bargery's CV does seem a bit scruffy from 74 to 84 doesn't it? Admittedly building on some very shabby stuff before that.

Anonymous said...

Is the correct answer that she stayed there just long enough to ensnare thst poor Paul Dorries? Two months say? Three?

Chris Paul said...

Any advance on three months? Must say that sort of shortish big game hunting trip with her cap set at Dorries seems more likely than any real "year" working in a proper job.