Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beauty and Beast II: Boozy Opik Loses But DD Gains

Just as Boozy Droop Lembit Opik loses his bottle bronze Cheeky Girl Gabriela it seems that David Davis' Quixote Quest may have found his bottle blonde. Relief for sultry natural brunette Shami from the wagging tongues of the lobby.

Davis may it seems have recruited a new shoulder to cry on in the shape of Gemma Garrett. Demonstrating that while the circus may have left sleepy Haltemprice and Howden it could be the Gemma show in a town near you ... very soon. Hat tip: Guf via Kezia's Soap Box.

Meanwhile it seems that Glasgow East candidate for the SNP (right) is such a bible bashing, bishop bashing, barmy Baptist, separatist fundie, colleague bullying, misogynist misery - allegedly as appropriate natch - that he is kept at a minimum of barge poll distance by beauties red, white and blue.

The dour epitome of Johnny No Mates.


Anonymous said...

Your picture of Gemma Garrett makes her look like one of those creepy little girls who appear in the junior beauty pageants they hold over in the States.

Whereas my picture makes her look like a....

Anonymous said...

Ah well I suppose if you're completely devoid of principles bitter, gratuitous personal attacks will have to do.


Chris Paul said...

Thanks both. Anonymous should drop in at Lakelander's and try a bit harder to develop a sense of humour.

At least my so-called "gratuitous personal attacks" on various very worthy but normally publicity-shy individuals are spread across FOUR political parties, which is fair play if nothing else.

You'll even find the odd tease of Labourites if you're not in your habitual beer goggles.

Anonymous said...

Gemma Garrett is just superficial looks with no substance. She should be new tory leader.