Sunday, July 13, 2008

Alex Salmond's SNP: More Blatant £200k Cronyism

Bombshell in the Scotsman/Scotland on Sunday: Salmond Hit By Cash-For-Cronies Row via Tom Harris MP. Could put Wee Wendy's wee compliance issues into context could it not?

Don't get me wrong - I don't know much about Osama, who blogs right here (at a UK-free domain, natch) - supported Ken for London and might even be a socialist!, although Ed Husain is fond of calling him a "bad apple" and linking his organisation to the Muslim Brotherhood, and he certainly calls for the caliphate to be installed while seeking a seat at Westminster.

But, whether he is saint or sinner or indeed both by turns, when fellow Muslim SNP supporters are criticising Osama and Alex over the generous funding for his operation - which is feeding his political ambitions - it does need reporting.

Can't immediately find a photo of the two of them together ... even on Saeed's candidate page ... is that a coincidence? Is the same true for any of the other SNP candidates for Westminster?


Anonymous said...

There are a few agency shots of Bashir Ahmad MSP with Salmond but I can only find one actual use in the public domain.

Anonymous said...

There's a video of AS chatting with OS on Youtube.

Chris Paul said...

Thanks anonymouses both. It is very strange though that there are no still photos of the two together. I'll post the YouTube vid if it's of any use in countering the idea that Salmond may be a bit embarrassed with having a Caliphate adhrent on a Nationalist team. Quite a contradiction.