Monday, July 14, 2008

By-Election: Tory Boy Blogger Couldn't Be More Wrong

With bloody-stupid-even-by-his-standards headline "SNP Closing On Labour in Glasgow East" Iain Dale offers some warped analysis of what is actually a rather good poll for Labour in Glasgow East as Political Betting and indeed the Telegraph report.
Iain reaches his headline by comparing the current Labour-SNP numbers to the General Election of 2005. A lifetime ago. Rather than comparing say to last week, or to the week before. Margaret Curran MSP is quite simply proving why she should have been Labour's candidate all along. And CLEARLY DRAWING AWAY from the SNP.

But meanwhile Kezia's Soapbox explains where the facebook action is for this by-election. Incidentally there was also some humble pie eating there over the trail that Johnnie No Mates Mason was the SNP's Fourth Choice. Margaret Curran went one better than fourth choice of course! And she'll go one better than No Mates Mason again on Thursday 24th July.

We also discover at the above link that No Mates Mason was banned as a councillor for nine months for a David-Davis-esque futile protest, designed only for self gratification, denying his ward representation, and it seems taking himself out of any chance of leverage. Though as Davis he asserted the opposite.


Anonymous said...

Dale cannot add up.

Chris Paul said...

That is indeed the case. He is sadly anumerate and not to mention illogical. But he's started apologising more. Which isn't a bad development.

Anonymous said...

'anumerate'? Interesting usage, please do expand further. In the mean time, I'm sure we'd all be interested in hearing your spin on the whole 'war veteran photo cock-up' business.

Chris Paul said...

Presumably anon 00:07 you are indicating that you have a feeble vocabulary as well as the absence of the minimal guts required to sign your own name?

Perhaps if I'd used alogical too this would have helped you understand?