Friday, July 25, 2008

Benchill Rotty: Wythenshawe Tory Bares Teeth

A right nothing of a post is garnering the most nutty comments including a proposition from Dirty Euro that the SNP and/or a vast conspiracy of Glasgow East End voters conned the bookies ... in fact Political Betting explain here* and here how the pollsters and the village people were soooo wrong - plus a revealing list from "Benchill Rotty" - who usually signs "Benchill Tory":

gordon brown, tony blair, michael foot, richard branson, yuppies, greed, tax and waste, congestion charge, dependacy, gangsterism, gerry adams, posh and becks, simon cowell, big brother, chorlton, alex ferguson, your boys took one hell of a beating,

Someone needs to cut down on their 'roids and amphetamines. Or Vinnie the Dogman will be down like a ton of bricks on your asses. Or perhaps you're a cuddly toy of a Rotty? the purrrfect pet.

* Including a link to the mis-represented raw data. And did you know PB current month archive comes in a bigger point size?


Dirty Euro said...

I never said it was betting fraud. I said it was voter fraud. Although I do admitt if anyone was in on it they would probably have tried to make a few quid from the odds. So maybe that would be good place to look. Like in soccer where a soccer player made a bet on the result Check if any politican did.
LBJ, Nixon and JFK all did voter fraid it happens. Why dos not one reporter question a result so different to the surveying. Do you not find it a bit odd when a vote goes against what the bookies and the opinion surveys predicted. I am not saying it is betting fraud. JFK did not to betting fraud for a bet. It is to get power.

Dirty Euro: said...

Here is a new law. No politican should be allowed to bet on the outcome of an election. Like for soccer players.

Diablo said...

Is it legal for 14-year olds to read your blog, Chris?

I only ask because "dirty euro" (who used to be - still is? - Dirty European Socialist) appears to be making a late attempt to re-submit his SATs paper. Judging by his spelling, syntax and grammar he should get a Grade 5 purely for turning up on your esteemed blog.

I know you've been doing some voluntary work lately (the central reservation on the M6 is looking immaculate since you got involved) but I didn't realise you were also mentoring some of the more deprived young people who have been placed on the Labour Party member apprenticeship scheme. Hopefully, his ability to communicate clearly and effectively will improve as a result of your support.

PS: Tell DES that his campaign to boycott "right wing" blogs , thus depriving them of all that advertising revenue, is working. Guido has been forced to take to a bike to get to the off-licence, Iain Dale has down-sized to an Audi A5 and I've had to take a second job as an exam marker for ETS.

dirty european socialist said...

I am sure Guido has made enough money from illegal raves in the 80s to not worry about his finances. Iain Dale can drive his foreign cars if he likes. His back sweden the socialist economy is simply showing that the he secrelty loves the left wing economy.
Well done diablo so people can fix the vote and you don't care. Tories if you cannot win the vote you steal it for yourself or someone else.

Anonymous said...

Diablo I am not on anyone's apprenticeship. Mr Paul is agreeing with you. No one in the party seems to take my idea that this whole vote was a fix. Anyway you do not spell your name with a captial what an idiot. RFLOL.

Chris Paul said...

Dale has and Audi DES?? German. And Political Betting explained how that independent polling was soooo wrong and obviously PH100 is Dale plus 99 other lobby asylum inmates.

Where is Benchill Rotty today?

DES said...

I thought audi was "and" Swedish. So it is just German then OK, sorry my mistake. Confused it with Volvo. Why do you go in line with political betting. No wonder vote fixes happen, if people let it happen. You can use any calculations to justify a vote fix. Surely political betting should be standing up for fair elections not just giving excuses for fixes.
In Zimbabwe he would probably come up with some new fancy formula for why magabe managed to fix the vote.

Diablo said...

Chris - that was fun wasn't it? It is the silly season after all!

(PS: What does "rfLOL" mean?)