Saturday, July 26, 2008

Labour Home: All Is Not Well With Front or Back End

Labour Home's non-support for the popular Mac OS browser Safari has taken a new turn, chucking out two comments in succession and posting them as blank entries here. Fantastic comments they were too. Against the perfidious Blairites and delusional lefties plotting against Mr Brown. Seven precepts were explained patiently to the hard of thinking. Not sure I can be bothered to re-key them.


Anonymous said...

The leader must stay. He has great mental strength and intelligence.

Chris Paul said...

I'm not going to be arguing with that, whoever you are anon.

The Lakelander said...

I agree also.

The leader must stay. He has little mental strength or intelligence.

Every week he stays in power, it will be one fewer Labour MP post the General Election.


The Secretary
Lake District Branch of Tories for Gordon

Chris Paul said...

Goodness me. With 100 weeks to go from only having 80 MPs based on Glasgow - where Labour WON A RCOUNT!!!!! - that puts us on minus 20. Which must be some kind of record! Hurrah!

The Lakelander said...


I was counting the weeks that Parliament will be sitting between now and the next General Election.

Anyway, what makes you think that there won't be an election sooner?

Are all the rumours about Jack Straw being asked to be a "caretaker leader" untrue?

Anonymous said...

Jack straw does look like could be good caretaker at school. LOL Maybe not running a country.

The party is behind the PM. Lakelander you claim the PM does not have great intelligence or mental strength. So recovering from the loss of a child the loss of an eye and getting a double first is weakness in your book rfLOL.

Diablo said...

Before DES (or dirty euro, Or Dirty European Socialist or even anonymous) crticises me again for not using capital letters - it's a style thing - I repeat my request for an explanation of what either "rfLOL" or "RFLOL" means?

(See my last comment on the Bencchill Rotty thing below.)

The Lakelander said...

Dear AnonyLOL,

If you followed my hyperlink about Jack Straw, you would understand why I was being ironic about him being a good caretaker leader.

Similarly, if you have seen the exchanges that Chris and I have on our respective blogs, you would understand that this was just another bit of humourous banter.

dirtyeuropeansocialist: said...

OK sorry lakelander.
Anyway glasgow was just another protest vote defeat, so what forget about it.
We had 3 by election defeats a mayoral defeat, a council election defeat in 4 months so what forget about. What if we had just had one by election defeat in that time. We should not panic and over react to one more protest vote by election defeat. I say to the labour rebels cool down take break and see how it pans out over the next few montsh thereis no need to hurry,.

Chris Paul said...

As a caretaker leader Jack makes a good Demon Headmaster.

Diablo said...

Chris - are you really suggesting that GB should step down in favour of Jack Straw?

Well there's a break through. A Labour Party member telling the truth for once. What's caused that change of heart then?

Chris Paul said...

Jack Straw? No. Gordon Brown should stand and fight, at least until June 2009 and preferably through the next glorious General Election. Tractor Production will by then by back on the up and up, and this, along with Gordon's ironic self deprecation will carry the day. A Major upset.