Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blogsclusive: Have a Break, November 2008 Crackers

As Hopi Sen suggests it is a moment for Labour's some-who-are-more-equal to take a break. House of Lovers have been doing so for a couple of days on the North Coast of Ireland. While Gordon is playing kiss chase with the media in Sunny Southwold. And Dave in a particularly Corny part of Cornwall.

Can these two not take a proper break?

Dave Miliband is there to mind the shop for GB after all. A safe pair of hands if ever I saw a pair. The kind of humble yet competent and serious back up any Prime Minister would be happy to bring on.

Why are the media getting so excited when a senior cabinet member lays out some ideas for the party of government as he had always planned?

John McDonnell himself, and his freelancing elves, have been getting busy also, as Susan reported on Tuesday, and as The Sun's Whip column picked up and led with yesterday.

Relax people, relax. Have a break. I don't believe that at this stage a change of leader is either needed or wanted by any sensible Labourite in the country. And, whatever their impeccable cabinet-insider provenance, the annual rumours of a November 2008 General Election must surely be completely crackers?

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