Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Conservative Future: Patterns Begin to Develop

Iain Dale blogged cautiously about Watford Conservative woes, linking to the Guardian; meanwhile Recess Monkey seems rather amused by Dave's Watford rhyming slang Gap and links to the Times. Conservative Home's seats and candidates coverage and commentary was always a bit muddled as Tories lie third and could easily help Labour hold off the perfidious but here wronged Libs. Although the now relocated Thunderdragon who is a Watford in-activist thinks (a) they can win and (b) that the candidate is innocent of all charges.

Meanwhile ex- Conservative Future Chair Mark Clarke - pictured in stab vest a month or so ahead of Harriet - suggests a shortlist of other nasty Conservative Future careerists to keep our eyes on but has stopped his blog and keeps it unreal as Citizen Wolfy Clarke to the Tooting Massive. Meanwhile another little squit (apologies) not under-nourished great squit from the bastard Conservative Future stable has been caught "at it" dirty tricks wise by Unity at Ministry of Truth.

With links to Mark Clarke op cit and cabinet-bound (?) Justine Greening MP as well as a pseudo think tanky thing somethingly linked to Mr GuF.


Manchester CFer said...

Sorry to break this to you Chris, but Mark hasn't been CF Chairman since March. Its now a rather nice chap called Michael Rock...

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Manchester CFer ... I did almost put ex- however being a naif I trusted that Mark would have changed his blog title if he had relinquished the post ... correction v soon.