Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dale: Reports of His Death Were Exaggerated

Twenty four hours on from getting rather ahead of himself and cheerfully announcing the unconfirmed death of a Westminster parliamentarian, and having even, very unusually admitted that he ballsed things up there is still no more information on this matter from the Blogosphere's ambulance-chaser-in-chief.


Toby said...

According to Google it was only 22 hours ago:

"Another By Election Nightmare for Labour
22 hours ago by Iain Dale
There are unconfirmed reports tonight that another Scottish Labour MP has died, causing a by election north of the border. More later..."


Chris Paul said...

Well, he took it down at about half ten saying he'd been trying to check the facts for two hours ... but maths is not his strongest suite, unless Google take the last time it was tinkered with??

Dirty European Socialist said...

Maybe the tories tried to kill an MP. But they failed.

Anonymous said...

Chris, old chap...

Can you help me understand this phrase - "Ballsed things up"?

Is it a euphemism for filling your boots at the tax payers' expense?

Chris Paul said...

Ho ho ho Lakelander, but in that case how has Dale made any money from a premature and unintentionally gleeful death notice of his?

Incidentally if the Balls-Coopers were Tories like the Wintertons they could have claimed TWICE as much towards the second home.

Disingenuous income growth theory is one thing but daylight robbery is another. nanny Spelman should crack down on that as party chair ... if only she were not cup-tied with the powers of darkness XI. And as for the MEP deep clean - ho ho ho.