Friday, July 11, 2008

Rochdale Exclusive: Stumblebum Dave Ratting on Paul?

My sources within the Rochdale Libdemologist cult tell me that for the second time in a year David "call me Dave" Hennigan is planning to desert the sinking ship that is Lib Dem Rochdale, specifically perhaps deserting the dysfunctional MP Paul Rowen - the worst parliamentary representative in the town's history, and that includes the bare-lost-boys-arse-slapping, hang Stephan Kisko, asbestos-is-food-of-the-gods bully and half-sharp Lib Dem "hero" Cyril Smith.

The first time Dave started bragging of his imminent promotion of course was after W Menzies Campbell identified the frequent inebriate Hennigan as a Cowley Street recruit, shortly before Ming's sad demise. This time we're told there is another fool in London ready to risk all on this reprobate. Perhaps it is Rowen offering potty Dave a transfer to the big smoke? At least he will have some idea what he's getting.

Let's hope that Hennigan isn't just spreading this story to get out of paying his losing bets on ridding Rochdale of a certain opposition councillor "within six weeks" - using ugly smears and actionable defamation in the attempt - or giving him the benefit of the doubt him leaving his job "if I don't deliver an Arts Centre for Rochdale".



Anonymous said...

So Chris who are your sources within Rochdale? Maybe Fatty Steve Burke? ‘I haven’t lost for a third time have I?’ – Tom Stott. Or maybe Ruth Luger? Oops... sorry, I meant Matt Baker or some other FAILED Rochdale Labour embarrassment?

Now I know you harbour this hatred/jealousy of Dave H from back in the days when he would show you and your chums up during, before and after election time. However, do you have to make it so glaringly obvious that you can’t wait for him to leave by blogging about every little whisper you hear from your “sources.” It’s just desperately embarrassing for you.

Chris Paul said...

Listen Dave, I mean Anon, when I say Lib Dem sources I mean Lib Dem sources. Tom Stott I know because he used to work for us and was my agent once, and he's clearly a great deal better than the Lib Dems who are lying their way onto the Council. But who are these other people. I also know Mr Brett quite well though I can't see him in your list ...

(assumes for sake of argument that anon is NOT Hennigan ...)

Hennigan never showed me up, or my chums as you put it. He has only ever shown himself up. With drunkenness and the like. With falling on his arse in the Town Hall. With passing out and then posting the pictures of it on the web.

With sticking lager bottles in his flies ... and posting pictures of it. With bizarre and broken promises. With bizarre and losing bets with the Labour Group, unpaid naturally. With nasty racist stereotyping of my friends. And of course with all his nonsense In Rochdale.

Bigging up the bare bum child slapper, hanging enthusiast and asbestos apologist Cyril Smith being among these horrendous misjudgements.

If you think I am blogging everything I hear about the drunken fool Dave Hennigan you are very much mistaken. Laughing stock. Used to be a respectable campaigner. Now on his arse.

For the record I don't expect Dave to escape to London because any serious employer would carry out "due diligence" and recognise the danger of employing such a loose cannon. he's going down with the sinking ship that is SS Paul Rowen.

Anonymous said...

You actually employed Tom Stott from leafy Healy? I thought it was only Vision 21 that were dumb enough to do that!!!! My Labour sources told me he wasn’t best pleased with the thank you leaflet that was put out after his THIRD defeat in Kingsway. His head was superimposed onto a photo next to Glazer and Brown at a Man United match which they lost to Manchester City 2-1! Apparently the FC United supporting socialist didn’t appreciate that.

Mmm the sinking ship that is Paul Rowen? I don’t know if you had a chance to look at the votes cast in Rochdale at the recent local elections but Labour didn’t win a SINGLE seat and were nearly pushed into THIRD place behind the Tories! The best result of that night was that of Balderstone & Kirkholt – your friend Allen Brett’s (that I forgot to mention) old ward in which he stood down before he was pushed, leaving a tearful Pedley to shoulder the inevitable defeat!

Dave H is still a respected campaigner. Otherwise people like you wouldn’t be bothering to spend your time blogging about him.

Anonymous said...

"Dave H is still a respected campaigner."

Hennigan is a drunken, cokey, twat. Liar, cheat, racist, bully, twat.

Chris Paul said...

I must say I tend to agree with anonymous 01:51 rather than the other two Dave. But rude and all. But then so are the other two, rushing along full-of-shit as they are.

Anonymous said...

Rochdalian and X Labour voter

After reading you gutter comments dont you think you should focus all you energies in sorting out the Labour Party.No wonder your party is in such a mess I always voted Labour but not anymore.It seems your politics is all about negative attitudes. Get a life and focus your efforts in trying to turn around what was a party of the people but is now dysfunctional. I am sure my comments will make no difference to you BUT im sure the votes of hundred of thousands of ex labour voters will.Grow up and start addressing the real issues facing this country.