Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fortune Cookie: SNP Take The Sweetbreads

Here's a fortune cookie prediction that was surely destined for Alex Salmond and Johnny No Mates Mason but ended up opening in the House of Love just as the bells tolled in yet another message to GB. But all 365 wishes gone, that's your lot Alex, that's your lot. For this year at least.


Anonymous said...

Johnny 'No mates' Mason?

Just a bit bitter then?

365 wishes in a year, maybe.

2008 is a leap year you know.

That'll be an extra wish when Jack McConnell leaves - if he is allowed by Labour! - to become High Comissioner of Malawi, forcing another (Holyrood) election in Motherwell, an area which has special significance for the SNP - being their first ever Westminster seat in 1945.

Anonymous said...

365 wishes up - what, is this the year when Labour fights back in Scotland then? Not exactly a brilliant start to the New Year with Wendy and Glasgow East really.