Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pimping Iain Dale's Poll: His Own Weasel Words

Here's what Iain has to say, so far:

So far, more than fifty blogs from all over the political spectrum have encouraged their readers to vote. They have voted for 443 different blogs. The top 100 is broken down as follows...

Conservative blogs 20
Right Wing blogs 9
Libertarian blogs 6
Labour blogs 16
Left Wing blogs 13
Lib Dem blogs 8
Media blogs 11
Non Aligned blogs 11
Green blogs 2
Humour blogs 1
Plaid Cymru blogs 1
SNP blogs 1

So if you add them up, there are 35 right of centre blogs and 41 left of centre blogs (if you count Lib Dems as left of centre). Perhaps the tide is turning...

Bah! humbug! Almost as persuasive as the argument that the HaH by-election was a meaningful plebiscite on 42 vs 28 days.

Obviously the parliamentary Lib Dems are in many regards right of centre under Clogg. Iain has also lumped the Greens, Plaid and SNP into this left of centre block. But the Media blogs are of course mostly right of centre but are not counted.

If the tide of blog-gradation is turning it will not show in this poll. But if you dear reader pick ten mostly left of centre bloggers and have your friends and family do likewise there could be some realignment of this "just for fun" exercise.

If you haven't voted yet, and you're not in mood to boycott, send in your top ten blogs, ranked in order to


Jeff said...

Well, given that after the next general election (I've stopped saying in 2010) Westminster will be decidedly more right-wing, maybe it's only 'right' that this is reflected in the list of top blogs?

That said, I fully applaud your idea of providing a list of 10 left of centre blogs.

Jeff <- left of centre blogger

Chris Paul said...

Yep, in a way, but this list will not ever be a true reflection because it is owned by "the right" and they do currently have far more votes in the thing.