Saturday, July 05, 2008

Glasgow East: Scottish Labour Postpone Selection

Scottish Labour was due to select the candidate for Glasgow East last night and launch the campaign with them this morning. But the BBC are now reporting that the announcement has been postponed as the front runner decided not to attend the selection meeting. Councillor George Ryan's withdrawal may open the door to Cllr Steven Purcell, Glasgow's Council Leader, to step forward.

Yesterday Guido was claiming that Gordon Brown himself had rung Purcell four times asking him to stand and also asked one Lesley Quinn to step up. It is not difficult to imagine that in a party such as Labour which does not tip out candidates willy nilly Cllr Purcell might well have been waiting for Cllr Ryan to make his mind up before throwing his hat into the ring. As well as considering the last election debacle in the city. And the betting too perhaps?

Political Betting yesterday carried some speculation on the possible influence of left and right footery. Will Catholics in Glasgow East want to see a return to Conservative contempt for the working poor? Or vote for a Blue Baptist?

Scottish Labour may be missing a trick by not calling up the plain speaking Matthew Marr to tell Salmond what's what.

The other candidates known so far are reported as follows:

Glasgow councillor John Mason was chosen to represent the SNP. Maths teacher Ian Robertson will represent the Lib Dems.
The Conservative candidate is Davena Rankin and the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) has chosen former MSP, Frances Curran.
Solidarity announced that firebrand politician Tommy Sheridan would not be standing. There was speculation that the former MSP would be selected to fight the Westminster seat for the left-wing party which he founded. But the party announced local woman Tricia McLeish had been selected unopposed.

POSTSCRIPT: Iain Dale had the non-selection story last night. He is getting some stick for not covering the Ray Lewis story.


Anonymous said...

Just don't read tory blogs. They do not report stories that go against them.
I ask for all decent people to boycot the tories blogs they are a sick waste of time. You can get all the stories from left wing blogs to conspiracy bvlogs or the newspaper. There is no need to read the BS toy blogs.
If they do not consider their deputy mayor faking that he was a magistrate then they are a waste of time. I find them a miserable wasteof space.
Tories blogs fuck up your head. Thy make you follow their news line, Do not read the tory blogs they are filth.

Boycott tory blogs said...

I am starting a new campaign against Tory blogs. And ask all labour party members to not read tory blogs.
You just help the tories by reading their blogs.
You let them set the news aganeda.
You let them have advertising money.
Look at Iain Dale not reporting on the deputy mayor story. The deputy mayor claimed to be a magistrate, and yet that is not considered a major story by tory bloggers. That is the end for me. Do not read tory blogs be harsh to them. I advise labour bloggers to just ignore them, and use other labour blogs or lib dem blogs.
We need one of the labour bloggers to overtake the tories. There are plenty of labour bloggers in the top 10. Lets have the arguments on the labour blogs so the tory's follow the left wing news agenda.
Lbaour people should not read either Iain Dale, Guido Fawkes or any other tory blog.

Andrea said...

"also asked one Lesley Quinn to step up."

Quinn was the Scottish Labour General Secretary until this spring

Robert said...

How sad for the Tories to come here with silly things like do not read a Tory blog. never mind silly people.

Lets hope Brown does not put pressure to have his person or the one he wants put in place lets leave the constituencies do it for once

Anonymous said...

I am sorry robert. I do not mean genuinely independent tory blogs, such as yourself. I mean the major ones run by extreme right wing tories. I am sorry but these are connected directly to the tory party. And I cannot see why so many of my fellow party members read them.
Well I can because I used to do that. But I realise now we are giving in to the tory agenda by reading them.
I am sorry but it has to be said we should boycott the major tory blogs, or atleast use them far fewer times and we should use labour blogs to have our debates on.

Chris Paul said...

1. Guido is not a Tory and will I think continue to crit them if they ever form a government

2. Dale clearly is, to a ridiculous extent

3. Ridiculing both when they're wrong and questioning their facts, logic, analysis is surely something that is worthwhile?