Friday, July 04, 2008

Breaking News: Mayor's Deputy Ray Lewis Has Resigned

Live on BBC News as I tap. BBC Online report.


Anonymous said...

Tories appoint fake JPS. They are idiots.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Oh my" as Mole said as he strolled through the Water Rat's appartments 'neath the banks of the River Thames between Marlow and Maidenhead (Source- The Wind in the Willows.)

The asinine Boris J has been misruling London for 2 months now. Well strike me dead if that is not One Deputy Mayor / Crony out per month.

And why is the "Evening bogStandard" not commenting abvout this corruption ?


And Oops this peace of S**T was. alledegdly, claiming to be a JP.

Is not that a criminal offect ?

" Get a rope !"

Anonymous said...

What the Tories appear to have forgotten is with power comes uncomfortable scrutiny, they've been so used to losing elections and hitching themselves to any mud thrown at Labour they've failed to realise once you start to ride the sleaze tiger those teeth can be pretty sharp...

Chris Paul said...

Kip Malthouse is talking the good fight on the BBC. But after reeling off lots of stats he then denies that Ray Lewis was behind the initiatives saying instead that he was working on long term strategy. Which might be saying in so many words that he has been a bit slow coming up with anything.

So an unproductive rough diamond?

Anonymous said...

The deputy mayor seems a total fruitcake to me. How the heck did boris appoint this nutter.

Robert said...

Yes a total nutter, but heck thats the Tories for you, with Boris the biggest nutter.

How did they not know

Chris Paul said...

It is amazing that they did not. I recognized the CV that they issued for Ray Lewis as 'tricked up' immediately, and when no answers came back from the press office, to questions as published before and also e.g. requesting list of his posts as prison governor, then I suspected that the Tories felt the answers were best supressed.

The Bishop of Chelmsford apparently gave Boris the red light immediately Lewis mistake was announced/