Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Going Underground: Car Parks and Huge Leaks

Young David Ottewell is getting excited about an underground car park. Yes, yes, he should get out more.

Now he very usefully reproduces what is presumably the exact text of an extract from a private report to Labour Group members concerning a major refurbishment programme required by the Town Hall and precincts, including a kite on a possible change in the parking arrangements:

The creation of an underground car park would allow Lloyd Street to be pedestrianised, providing impressive access to the new customer service centre in the ground floor of the town hall extension. It would also provide adequate parking for members on busy council days.
The feasibility of putting a car park beneath the Peace Gardens is being explored.

Clear enough. Lloyd Street is used for deliveries, disabled visitors, pre-booked visitors, elected members, and odds and sods. This, together with the cobbled Victorian courtyard. makes for parking facilities that are not really adequate.

Between the unfortunate leak of the private report, mischievious reporting of it, and its final publication more detail has been added; as helpfully highlighted by the MEN's finest:

Perhaps councillors saw the spin and saw that it was not good and thought informing the great Manchester public that there would be some 140 more spaces than councillors with cars and their potential uses might be worthwhile?

Meanwhile - without prompting - one Labour councillor allegedly publically denied leaking the private papers three times ... and then the cock crew.

A Huge mistake. Let's hope that every copy of the leaked private report had different wording ... then this miscreant will finally be toast.


Anonymous said...

who was on the working group chris...would love to speculate on the leaker...

Anonymous said...

it was leaked after labour group I blive and theres a huge clue in chriss' statement

Chris Paul said...

Thanks anon and anon ... there is bit of a clue, yes