Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Going Underground: John Leech's Selfish Gene

Meanwhile ... Did you know that while erstwhile Cllr John Leech MP had two jobs he would avail himself of free courtyard parking all week?

Monopolising a space and often, or so I'm told by the courtyard elves, parking carelessly and causing an obstruction? And does he still have a pass for Tony Lloyd Street? How does that work then?

No wonder they're talking new car parks if selfish Lib Dem so-and-sos are taking the michael.


Anonymous said...

and they wouldn't be bringing in the congestion charge if leechy didn't keep clogging up the roads...please chris get a grip

Anonymous said...

obviously leech is a complete twat and could lose his deposit for bing such a cunt over christies lies

wherever he parks he is a twat

Chris Paul said...

I'll have no more of that swear bloggin on here if you don't mind.