Thursday, July 17, 2008

SNP Exclusive Video: Sturgeon Ejected From Shops

Causing a nuisance in a shopping centre? Get out! And don't come back! Shop-lifting? Steaming? Pick pocketing? Soliciting? Wearing a hooded top? Unbearable hubris? "Nuisance" is such an impenetrable catch all.

Seems that BBC Scotland have the incident on tape but were not prepared to screen it. Which would be a shame. Couldn't let it rest at that. Above, with slow motion, close ups, and replays.


Diablo said...

Nice one, Chris. It's good that you have the time to produce this sort of harmless fun.

Have you got a proper job at last and been on strike over the last two days? Good for you. Well done!Must make a change from picking up litter on the central reservation, I suppose.

Did you see Brown on The One Show? Good, wasn't he? The banter with Adrian and Christine was scintillating - bound to have given him a boost in the polls.

Makes you feel positive about the prospects for the autumn - especially as Clegg has now become a tax-cutter. Those Libdemologists - cheeky boys, aren't they? Stealing everyone's clothes and sounding more sensible than Labour who are just about to change their fiscal rules so they can borrow more without affecting inflation and the long-term stability of the economy.

It really is the economy, isn't it, stupid? Sorry, that should read - Labour have buggered up the economy, haven't they, Chris?

Chris Paul said...

Don't quite agree Diablo, strangely enough. Don't think history actually shows Tories putting away money for rainy days in the boom times now does it? So how can this be their jeering cry now?

Given the choice between tweaking fiscal rules and tax rises it'll probably be the tweak. Though tax rises for the rich and some less stealthy redistribution than already achieved would go down rather well.

The Clegg plan is by turns ludicrous and uncosted and brilliant. Brown should do it, but funded by taxing the super rich. If Ashcroft came onshore as promised all those years ago that'd be quite a help for a start. And if he brought Flying lion with him that'd regularise his sneaky support by that route.

Anonymous said...

Diablo do you want a pratt to be PM Or a man of dignity. Running the county is serious business not for pratts.
I would rather he knows how to keep the ecnomy growing through difficult times, as he has done for the last 10 years than is good at bantering. Whenre not voting for the best local radio DJ, where voting for a leader.