Monday, July 28, 2008

Labour Home: Prescott Blogs, Shoots and Leaves

John Prescott's post at Labour Home may well have been written by a comedian or a bag carrier but it has triggered an orgy of inward links. Gordon must stay is the message. Hot heads must be cooled off. And Prezza's right about both.

My comment, the 98th on the scene goes like this:

Goodness gracious. The last Populus poll saw Tories drop 10% (i.e. 4%) and Labour up 10% (i.e 3%) and the question about the government people wished for had Labour 44% Tory 42%. A quarter of those likely to vote wouldn't say or were undecided. A third of the rest (i.e. another 25% of the likely to vote) said thay might well change sides. Despite the headline numbers Labour can turn this round. As a policy not personality supporter we should either be waiting for policies to come off and win respect OR changing some of them. But not changing leader at this point.

If we do change leader we should do it in 12 months time when the prospects for the economy and for the election we'd have to have are better than they would be in a few months from today.

The coalition of deluded Blairites and deluded Leftites that is gagging to launch the lynch mob is quite a thing to behold now isn't it?

How did Major rise back to thump Kinnock in the solar plexus when all seemed lost for his party?

Links in so far from Paul Burgin's Mars Hill, the Apalling Strangeness, Play Political, newly elected NEC member Peter Kenyon, the amusing Bring Back Tony Blair, Young Fogey, Forgesian Thinking, some chancer name of Iain Dale, the abbreviated LP UK, and WP Benjamin. And ITN (Hat tip: Play Political).

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