Monday, July 28, 2008

Conservative Home: Stop Personal Attacks on Brown

"Old Labour is Back!" they exclaim before reeling off an unconvincing list of socialist sins and calling for Tories to play the ball not the man.

About time too. Attacking the more socialist moments of New Labour Two is the way to go. Minimum wage, boosted pensions, job creation, poverty reduction, equality progress.

Nadine Dorries, who'd sink her size ten canines in the jugular every time, was shocked when one of her ultra-Tory daughters decided the media and the Tories are wrong:

“God, everyone’s so horrible to him it just makes you not want to join in doesn’t it”?
She then went on to say how the style of reporting used by some journalists was a turn off and actually made you want to ‘protect’ Gordon Brown in some way because it was all too distasteful and gloating.


Anonymous said...

Nadine is right she should defect from the evil tories.

Chris Paul said...

Where should she defect to? Perhaps she should go to South Africa with husband Paul to whom she plighted her troth but whom she has now left him having a degenerative illness and all.

They've grown apart is all.

Letters From A Tory said...

Minimum wage (you want a medal for that?), boosted pensions (you mean completely unaffordable schemes now destroying the public and private sector), job creation (but only in the public sector through making up ridiculous job titles), poverty reduction (actually, the latest figures show that poverty is on the rise again), equality progress (by using positive discrimination, which is totally unacceptable).

Hearty congratulations - no, really.

Chris Paul said...

LFAT - you're really an ignorant lying troll aren't you?

Yes, minimum wage is an achievement, living wage should be next. As you well know Tories and Lib Dems voted against minimum wage with various tales of armageddon.

Yes, improvements in the lot of pensioners deserve credit with the state safety net far better in real terms than under Tories. More to do. But pensioners are far better off now.

Job creation - wrong, wrong, wrong - smaller state now than under Thatch.

Poverty reduction - again far better than under Tories. Absolute poverty on the run and it is a sign of progress is it not when chasing the relative poverty target is so hard. We're so much wealthier.

There has been no positive discrimination it remains illegal as per the RRA and SDA. Removing an illegality of splitting a tie, if an employer choses but not compulsorily, by a positive option rather than tossing a coin?

That's progress too.

Stop telling fibs.

Diablo said...

Damn. Have only come to this late.

Fibs? Chris, that is your currency - if you mean "slightly" changing the meaning of things. You're a "surrealist" in all this. You only see the world through the prism you choose - the "Labour Party can do no wrong" one.

This government has created a "client state" that has been bound in by its economic reliance on handouts from the public purse - the explosion of (non)jobs in the public sector and the reliance of many people on the complicated and incredibly ineffective tax credit system.

But there is some good news here:

Hope that's helpful.