Monday, July 28, 2008

Photoshop I n I: You Gotta Walk, Don't Look Back

Quite an extraordinary find from Jim Jay's The Daily (Maybe). Hat tip: Lib Dem Voice, some of whose Party's cropping work aims for the opposite effect.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you on this one Chris.

Anyone who uses Photoshop to distort the truth is the worst sort of charlatan.

For the benefit of your readers who have a short attention span, I've managed to summarise your previous post with a single picture on mine.

Johnny Rotten was on early evening TV tonight...perhaps the 1970s are making a comeback in more ways than one?

Dirty Euro: said...

The Princes boat trips are a conn trick he is not training to be sailar it is PR BS. It is just PR. If the media had real guts they would expose this for pathetic PR exercise it is.
Look at the way some media clowns suggested prince william had caught drug trafficers by himself.
I do not hate prince william but how dumb can the media pretend to be.

Diablo said...

DES - pleased to see your spelling is improving. Now we need to work on content... erm, how can I put this - has anyone explained to you that tabloid newspapers (and Chris Paul) actually write bollocks to feed the preconceived ideas of their target audiences?

No? Thought not. Maybe you need to revisit Module Two - "How to spot a bull-shitter and a vacuum".

You will be reminded that Nature abhors a vacuum - like the Labour Party - and will rush to fill it with all kinds of shit - hence the very existence of the Labour Party and Chris Paul.

Now, take out your crayons and draw a picture of how you see Gordon Brown in the future. But don't just draw aliens and space monsters - your very good at that - try to think of something more original. Like what policies will save the Labour Party from being a rump party for the next 20 years.

One tip - don't think that attacking the Conservatives on "sleaze" will be a vote winner as Chris Paul has advocated. His lot have more than enough sleaze lined up to sink the Titanic without any icebergs being involved.

Good luck, DES.

Chris Paul said...

The trouble with sleaze and Tories is that people shrug their shoulders and say "They're Tories, so they're Sleazy". We need to break down this group think. And/or remind people that "They're Tories, they'll make you poor".

Diablo said...

Oh, Chris, why do you have to spoil it just when I was making a breakthrough with DES?

"They're Tories, they'll make you poor". How do you work that out?

We are still waiting for CPS to tell us about the Abrahams case. How will that go?