Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Masochist Max: Ready for Judicial Tongue Lashing?

You couldn't make it up. Max Mosley concedes German Military theme. And five hookers, count 'em. Audio tape includes fumph dominatrices Deutsche spracken. And in English announcing that they are Aryan Blondes. And after chuckling at these bits he claims he cannot hear the words on the tape because his hearing aid is playing up. Perhaps he missed the German-Military-Aryan-Blonde theme then? In fact he thinks it's absurd.

Max says his wife of 48 years is being put through agonies ... but not at his hand. What a plonker! Every move he makes shouts "Hit Me, Hit Me". Probably didn't recognise him with his clothes on? (above). Chequered end to come (below).


Anonymous said...

This is a message from Max Moseley and his legal team to people who expect him to behave decentely
┏┫  | |   ┣┓   
┗┫━━ ┃ ━━ ┣┛  ┣┫
  ┃=━━━━━= ┃ ┏┳┫┣┳┓ 
  ┗━━┳━┳━┛ ┃     ┃ 
━━━━┃ ┃     ┗━┳┳━┛
━━━━┃ ┗━━━━━━┛┃ ......Screw you mind,. I am rich I can do what I want.

Anonymous said...

That is his official legal defence.