Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cameron Gaffe: Bets Jermyn St Shirt on Insulting Poor

Hot on the heels of a Times/Populus Poll saying Cam's lost 10% of support in the country in just a month ... Mike Smithson catches the Old Etonian and Bully Boy Dave Cameron talking down to what he and his kind consider the great unwashed. Norman Tebbit and the 1922 boys will be delighted. Same old same old. Grab by Mike from the Times.

UPDATE 13:18: Headline corrected with apoogies to Saville Row and Jermyn St


Newmania said...

That was the worst Populus Poll ever for Labour I think. To tell you the truth I think there is some relief that the free fall seems to have bottomed out .Under Brown there is no hope really but who knows a new broom a real election and a gallop at the GE ? Could be done , the system is so very stacked in Labour`s favour that an absolute majority for we goodies is tough work.

Do not doubt that if the Conswervative Pary win( as Denis Mc No Shame said ), power will be used to reinforce power.

Newmania said...

PS I liked that speech and I think a lot of other people will too. I think we are all sick of being told its all our fault when we are robbed or threatened.

The Labour Party seems to me to be so dominated by the Fabian element now that its on another planet. I cannot see the votes in being anti English pro mass immigration , anti prison anti victim anti white male anti family and so on ..oh yes and pro high taxes

I `m sure you know lots of lovely Lesbian communes doing a bang up job but you can`t irritate absolutely everyone at the same time ..or so I thought

Chris Paul said...

Newmania: Have you been on the pop? Anyway, this was the second worst Populus Poll ever. Last month was the worst. This one is 10% worse for Cam and 10% better for Brown than last month.

If you take the trouble to look at the whole poll summary you will also find that while 44% prefer a Labour Govt (whether satisfied or not) while 42% prefer a Tory government.

If you download the detail you will find that 32% of respondents say they won't vote, refused, or don't know. And that 33% of those that did express a preference say they might well change before GE.

Of the refusers it's 21 to 8 were Lib or Lab in 05, of the don't knows 78 to 19, of the "non voters" 18 to 2.

The devil is in the detail as they say. This has not only turned towards Labour in quite a significant jump for this pollster and this methodology, but there is also plenty to play for in the underlying figures.

Newmania said...

I see , that sounds so promising I expect you wouild like to swap then.. :). If the next Poll is another movement then I will start to wonder.

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