Monday, July 07, 2008

Nick Boles: Boosted Lewis, Now to Advise Cameron

Seems like the Tories are having Nick Boles, who recommended the appointment of the de-frocked priest and non-JP Ray Lewis to Team Boris, give them with training on how to avoid foot-in-mouth in future.


Anonymous said...

OK, I know you are struggling with the complex maths, so here's an easier one.

Eastbourne - projected majority for the Conservatives of less than 2% over the Liberal Democrats. Labour on 11%.

The sitting member has been described by the Labour constituency chair as being "the most hompohobic MP in the House of Commons." His views on other subjects are little, if any, better.

He also has a little ongoing difficulty with the local constabulary at present.

So, how would you advise Labour supporters to vote at the next election?

Cue bating of breath!

Chris Paul said...

"Baiting" you say anon troll?

And are you smearing Waterson over previous troubles on which he is not AFAIK having "ongoing difficulty" etc? Or is there something new there?

If so identify yourself and spit it out. If not go away.

Eastbourne is of course a very interesting constituency and I may consider blogging some sort of answer at some stage when I have a bit of spare time. To be going on with a paragraph:

Obviously the Lib Dem Stephen Lloyd is not quite as right wing as Nigel Waterson and he may even be less right wing than Nick Clogg. He is already enjoying a big tactical vote from Labour to get him swinging to within a couple of percent. But I must say that Dave Brinson looks like a good Labour candidate to me.

Anonymous said...

Well googled!!!

The comments about Waterson's homophobia came from the chair of the Labour CLP.

Dave Brinson may be the best candidate in the universe, but he isn't going to win, is he? Or do you think he can? There are 100 crisp fivers waiting for you if you would like care to bet that he will.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot.

And what about Hazel Grove???

Anonymous said...

"He (Cameron) doesn't seem to know about the DWP Shadow Minister and solicitor and barrister Nigel Waterson MP who spent 13 hours in police custody on Sunday/Monday over child battering allegations. His own teenagers as it goes. Telegraph stress - this was not a sexual attack. Waterson was described on BBC News 24 as a "close friend" of Dave Cameron."

This is taken from your own website in late January. I have spent quite a while searching through all your subsequent posts to find a retraction of these allegations, an apology or even an update. There have been none of these.

Now, I realise that your own conscience is very important to you - that's why you use it so sparingly and grudgingly - but if you are not prepared to have the courage of what pass for your own convictions then you should start expecting more and more people to pick you up on it.

Anonymous said...

Just as I thought, Chris.

Gutless bastard!

Chris Paul said...

Gutless bastard? That's you - anonypompous stalker - calling me gutless bastard??

Waterson somehow squared things with the powers that be - which I do think you'll find referenced on my blog somewhere - whereas you talk of him having current problems with the police. Which quite simply IS NOT TRUE afaik.

Did I not answer your question about Eastbourne somewhere? Thought I had, But "ahhh diddums" if I haven't. If you start signing your name I might consider a more fulsome response to your gutless trollery.