Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Oily Duncan: Tory Canyon Slick of Conflicts of Interest?

Hopi Sen yesterday published an interesting list of historical events with handy links involving inter alia Oman, Oily Duncan, Kevin Maxwell, Oman, Bankruptcy, Oily Duncan, Vitol, Arawak, Iraq, Oily Duncan, Harcourt, Oily Duncan and the Conservative Party.

Surely this Oily Duncan
comedian must be reshuffled urgently from the Tory front bench? If not oil drummed out of the party as a walking, talking Tory Canyon slick of conflicts of interest personified.
EAGLE EYES AWARD: To Hopi Sen for spotting the HIGNFY team's pointing finger and Oman for All Seasons reference.


dirty european socialist said...

I did nottice he seemed to asking for tax cuts for the oil industry. On the spurious basis that it would help them fund more research to drill more oil. Even thioguh the oil companies are making insane profits.

We should increase taxes on oil companies not decrease them. He is just a spokesman for big business like most tories.

dirty european socialist said...

I am asking people to put a sticker on the back of their car with the initials of the PM, beside flag of the UK. Many other people seem to be doing this.

Chris Paul said...

Duncan Must Go!

Manchester Tory said...

Alan Duncan is a dreamboat - who would want rid?

Chris Paul said...

Anyone who doesn't want a slime ball oil man making decisions about the oil industry??

If you'd like to see him oiled up and applying a full nelson or a forearm smash to Cllr Marc Ramsbottom somewhere in the village that's a different matter.

But neither scenario floats my boat.