Monday, July 14, 2008

Worst Political Autobiography: Corrupt Coastal Towns?

Worst Political Autobiography ever? I'm guessing it'll be some kind of Corrupt Coastal Towns Compendium, with a forward from Call Me Dave Cameron. He has of course called for a "deep clean" that doesn't even scratch the surface of the encrusted gravy stains of years of swillage.

The main jacket blurb will of course be from Nanny Scarborough (née Spelman) who has secretly changed her name by deed poll and is even now agitating for a place on the Euro List as her price for walking the plank. Now there's real money to be made just a short voyage across the high seas.

Iain will no doubt keep us in suspenders for a while longer. Though the answer is obviously NOT sock puppets' and coastal chip shoppes' fave John Prescott.

IMAGE: LOL Graphics "Three Men in a Gravy Boat". Apologies to Laura Diehl.

STOP PRESS: What do I know? It is the Prescott thingie, despite assistance from Hunter Davies.


Chris said...

What do you know? You're Labour. Obviously, you know fuck all.

Anonymous said...

Because I miss John Prescott so much, I decided to help him out by re-launching his autobiography.

You can see the result here

BTW - for your unfailing loyalty to the Labour Party, I've added you to my "Most Regular Reads" blog roll.

Letters From A Tory said...

Assistance from Hunter Davies? You mean Hunter wrote it while Prescott was using taxpayers money to stuff his face with food.

Chris Paul said...

Cheers all. "Chris" - ha ha. Lakelander - thanks, may even reciprocate soon. LFAT - clearly Prescott's £5000 in one year for entertaining or whatever is of more concern to you than the humungous rip offs apparently perpetrated by Conway, Dover and Chichester or the truly pathetic "deep clean" from comrade Cameron?