Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ray Lewis: Conservative Home Knows Best

Further to my earlier post ... They've cleared him already which many of their commentators find unattractive. All I can say is that when he was first appointed I contacted the mayor's Press Office and asked a number of questions. None of which has, until now, been answered. Along the lines of:

1. How many Deputy Mayors would Boris appoint?
2. Wouldn't this title clash with the constitutional Deputy?
3. Would Mr Lewis be continuing as Head of his Bootcamp HS?
4. What would the Deputy Mayors be paid?
5. Could they provide more details than issued in the shabby and holey Ray Lewis CV?


Newmania said...

So are you saying he sexually harassed anyone or not? Suppose you are repeating malicious allegations emanating form the hard left gangsters previously on City halls pay roll? Probably the case and ,think of the implications.
These are people who were until recently self styled community leaders with a vested interest in halting integration and progress amongst immigrants groups .
There is , as you may not be aware , some considerable tension between the black majority , employed , English and more or less un interested in ethnicity and the inner city ideologues committed to a mish mash of paleo-leftist dreams and eugenic theories about an African race a bizarre and toxic cocktail . Such tactics would be as nothing to these people who live in a world suffused with primitive gutter politics.

I am not at all sure you are on the right side here if , as I assume you would claim , you wish both community relations and the English of whatever skin pigment well.
I would suggest that Mr. Lewis`s record has earnt him the benefit of the doubt and you should not be braying on about his supposed sexual misdemeanours simply to some point of infinitesimal political significance.

How long did it take you to notice that Private Eyes ‘shit of the year’ the slanderer Grell was not actually a poor misunderstood community worker ?

Chris Paul said...

What a pile of doo doos from you Newmania. Have you even read what I've written?

I am not saying he's guilty or not guilty of the considerable number of allegations made against him. he denies everything. Well, sort of.

But certainly some of them i.e. financial mistakes seem to be true and are not coming from shabby sources e.g. Bishop of Chelmsford.

What ultra-left sect does this one belong to? Is he a Sorcerer of the Kimetic Brotherhood? I've made that up by the way.

I'm just reporting that these allegations have been made against him. And where he's inconsistent e.g. telling the Mirror and C4N diametrically different things about the matter I'm reporting that.

And I'm reporting the foolish IMO post from the editors at CH which others can judge for themselves.

And I'm also sharing my view at the time of his appointment that his CV didn't really stack up that well. Which I asked the mayor's press office about. Which they did not get back to me about.

Samuel Coates said...

Not really - we don't know what he has or hasn't done but we've said he deserved more than trial-by-media.

Newmania said...

Seems to me you just don't like anyone black not doing as they are told by the Labour Party. I would start getting used to it

Newmania said...

( I'm kidding )

Chris Paul said...

Well it's not actually very funny Paul. It looks like the man is a mythomaniac. The Standard report today that his claim to be a Justice of the Peace is NOT TRUE.

Chris Paul said...

And Sam ... if any of you Tory Bloggers had said this persistently when Labour people were under attack I'd have more time for this. The post goes further than suggesting avoiding the absolutely inevitable - barring Schillings intervention or similar - trial by media.

Anonymous said...

Tories appoint fake magistrates as their deputies. Tories are crooks.