Friday, July 04, 2008

Ray Lewis Questions: Iain Dale 4 Labour of Love 4

Iain Dale asks four questions on the Ray Lewis matter currently rather exciting the mainstream media:

1. Has he already been tried by the media and been found guilty?
2. When far less serious allegations were made against James McGrath, Boris let him fall on his sword, yet in this case he has (rightly in my view) stood four square behind Ray Lewis. Is there an inconsistency?
3. Even if there is some substance to the allegation of financial impropriety (which I sincerely hope there is not) should that wipe out the superb work Ray Lewis has done at the Eastside Young Leaders Academy?
4. Has Ray Lewis done the right thing by coming out ans fighting his cause in a robust fashion?

Here's some more questions to add to the mix:

5. Did Boris Johnson carry out due diligence before appointing Ray Lewis to this role?
6. Did Boris think through the separate development model that Lewis espouses before appointment?
7. Has David Cameron carried out due diligence on some of the other rough diamonds he and the Tories have been cosying up to? Including in Manchester.
8. If issues with the Lewis CV were obvious to little me on the day of the appointment why were they not obvious to Boris?

I was by turns impressed and horrified with Lewis on C4N last night. He needs media training if he is to survive.

Yes, the media left, right, and centre are running with this. But why on earth would they not do so Iain? Of course they will.

"Bishop: Boris's Svengali Crime Priest Defrocked in Shame" has pretty high news value. Iain should try to imagine this was a Ken Livingstone appointment. Just what would he be saying at this stage? Back off and give the man a break? Doesn't quite ring true.

UPDATE 12:11: Tory troll; Boris Watch; Dave Hill on whether it's sex or just cash; Mayor Watch with a chance to rate Boris.

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