Friday, July 04, 2008

Trial by Jeory: Getting All Anal Over CV Massage

Waiting for East London attack dog Ted Jeory to get his teeth into a Deputy Mayor or two I was passing the time at his web page and found one Luthfur Rahman Ali getting the patent Trial by Jeory treatment. This Labour stalwart is the Luftfur Rahman who was a selectorial candidate for the PPC-ship at Bethnal Green and Bow, and not the one who is Leader of the Labour Group at Tower Hamlets, or the one who recently completed the clear out of Longsight, Manchester by ousting the false pretences Lib Dem gate maker Liaqat Ali.

Where's the fire? This Luftfur Ali seems to have got a job as Assistant Chief Executive of Tower Hamlets on a four-three split decision, along party lines, despite a pretty serious CV date error concerning a Fire Service job. Go over and call Ted anal if you want to.

POSTSCRIPT: Idling away some more time finds this further mention in dispatches for the controversial Luthfur.

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