Friday, July 11, 2008

Slum Landlord: Housing Hypocrite Jahangir Hanif (SNP)

The Daily Record have the story. Basically the SNP councillor Jahangir Hanif (above right with Alex Salmond) has stated that he will bring the SNP Deputy Nicola Sturgeon to see Glasgow slummage ... and he's one of the landlords.

UPDATE: Glasgow East End Labour Blog HERE.


Anonymous said...

There is no place like slum.

GLasgow east labour blog said...

Just found link to glasgow east blog for labour. Linking to it can help the cause.

Link to story said...

I found a good story about the by election.
SNP candidate bullied other SNP candidate.
Here is good anti snp story for you to help put forward.


The SNP candidate apparently helped a bullying campaign against another SNP member.
If labour are clever they will use this story

dirty european socialist said...

Lbaour should really point out the SNP candidate had a record of a vindictive campaign against a fellow SNP MSP. She was a popular candidate she just had her own mind. And for that she was punished. If this was labour candidate who had behaved like that we would here all about it from fake tory moralists. So why it the UK press ignore the story when it is one of the opponents. Simple they are biased toward any party that are against labour.