Saturday, July 12, 2008

SNP Candidate: "Colourless Man in the Shadows"?

Commentors on the last post are pointing at further embarrassment for the SNP as the by-election campaign in Glasgow east gathers pace:

THE SNP campaign for Glasgow East suffered a setback last night when a former SNP MSP used a column in a national newspaper to attack the party's candidate.
Dorothy-Grace Elder, an SNP MSP between 1999 and 2002, claimed John Mason, the Nationalist candidate, had orchestrated a campaign against her.
She said that Mr Mason was the SNP's "Achilles' heel", and added: "He is the colourless man in the shadows, often sporting a bitter expression."

More at the link, along with the vitriolic, nay actionable comments of the chausette-poupée-écosse. Kezia Dugdale's Soap Box has still more revealing further examples of the material in Ms Elder's Newspaper column.


dirty european socialist said...

Thanks for posting this story. I hope this story stops any chance of the the tories or lib dems voting for him.

Slightly Soiled Scottish Tory said...

On the contrary, DES, I will be voting SNP as often as I can. Anything to get this corrupt and incompetent Labour government out of office as quickly as possible.

These days you have to fight dirty - but then you know that, don't you?

jane said...

I think Labour is going to win this one

Anonymous said...

13 July, 2008 00:25 So if someone bullies someone out of a party you vote for them. It seems you are the one who fights dirty. :

Anonymous said...

When you say you will voter more than once does this mean you fix the vote. With vote fraud. The party have to make sure they tories do not try and steal this election for another party.

Anonymous said...

"I will be voting SNP as often as I can" That implies you will do vote fixing. We have to make sure the vote does not get fixed then.