Thursday, July 24, 2008

Spanner: Mad Max Gives NOTW a Good Spanking

Much as the House of Love enjoyed seeing the sproglet of fascista and Hitler Freunde Oswald and Diana - Max Mosley - writhing in glorious agony on the rack of the red tops and escorting his girls at the track (above) we always thought he had a hell of a rod to beat the NOTW with.

Take that! And that! And that too! You bounders!

The consensual private adulterous paid sex session was not "Sick" it was "Good Clean Fun". The Luftwaffe tunic, the "Aryan blondes" gag, and the German speaking were not "Nazi", not really, Max hasn't got a Socialist bone in his body. And we have to admit the "Orgy" was in fact "Five Hours of Tedious Fetishism". And when it comes to upsetting Max's wife by revelations of 45 years of infidelity and sleaze it was definitely the NOTW wot done it.

The greatest shame is that through the survival of the Darwins, and the aching cheeks of Ozzie's little zapper, the good news of John Leslie's innocence picked a fine day to be buried.

THE SPANNER TRUST: Said they were delighted with the case being brought, whoever won. Comparing it as a potential watershed to the Lord Montague Case in the 1950s. The Mail say this ended the legal persecution of homosexuals. Which is something of an overstatement perhaps.

THE FIRST POST: Say the poor NOTW have been used by Dom Forces in F1. LAKELANDER: Guilty! Take them down!


Anonymous said...

I wonder what Max will do to celebrate?

Anonymous said...

I see no reason that what consentic adults do in private should not stay private.

But if they wish to project an image of virtuosity then that must be open to challenge.

I would also question if the picnic grounds of Tog Commen or Clapham Hill are in fact private places ?

Or trying to cover up by trying to bully people into making false statements is not in the public interest ?


Chris Paul said...

Not sure MM is projecting virtuosity, and I don't get the references to places not featured in the expose or to the bullying you mention.

NOTW deserved to get twatted on this one IMO, but that doesn't make MM a fit person for anything. That's another issue.

Anonymous said...

"Much as the House of Love enjoyed seeing the sproglet of fascista and Hitler Freunde Oswald and Diana - Max Mosley - writhing in glorious agony "

Shurely shome mishtake. Mosley's most recent political "activity" was to donate to the Labour Party!

Anonymous said...

Actually, and this may be slightly off topic, when the news first broke the comment in either the Mail or Torygraph "MM has brought disgrace to his familly name" brought tears to my eyes.


Chris Paul said...

Now that IS brilliant GW!

benchilltory said...

what hypocrites you lot are, private consensual activity is no ones business.even if your dad was adolf hitler.

its always amazed me why gays support labour.

do what ever you want , but we reserve the right to snoop and to labour, new puritains