Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bob Piper: He's Loving Prospect of Naval Jet Jock

Bob Piper looks forward to seeing a forgetful Rambo-a-like in the White House, not. McCain of course used his naval training for the loveable tactic known as "area bombing", most recently seen in 2003's Shock and Awe. Involving High Explosive, Incendiary and Napalm bombardment of civilians. He then went on to earn the classy soubriquet "Songbird" from the grateful Viet Cong. And, now teamed up with Lara Croft? Excellent. First Class. Ideal spar for KGB Vlad.

UPDATE 12:37: John McCain had apparently met Sarah Palin only once before setting her in place a heartbeat from presidency - should the old goat actually win. That's not very thorough now is it?

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