Sunday, August 31, 2008

McCain Ticket: Iain Dale Blurts Scurrilous Fish Wifery

There is something hugely fishy about McCain's Salmon-gal Sarah Palin.

Iain Dale claims he's not becoming obsessed by Sarah Palin, he's really not, but the desperation of the Magna Carta tendancy of the right to find a slam dunk scandal about her has now plumbed new depths.

The hitherto respected Iain Dale's Diary Blog scurrilously links to THIS offering today, which alleges that her five month old downs syndrome child is ... wait for it ... not hers, but her daughter's.

While the story is very well researched and compelling - for example with news that Alaskan Airways let her fly between her waters breaking (and her remaining for around 10 hours thereafter to make a speech!) and the birth - we are OUTRAGED that former Conservative PPC and global blogging expert Dale has put the boot in so powerfully to this freedom-loving mother of five four.

There are even comments linking the child to "Trooper Gate" under which Palin has been waging a campaign for the sacking of her former brother-in-law from the National Guard. Outrageous. Come on Iain Dale. Get a grip.

Time line as far as I can see:
September 2007: Or thereabouts. Sarah's 16-year-old daughter Bristol was off school, with a c two-three month excuse, and "Trooper Gate" was in full flight.
March 4th With the magazine Alaska carrying SP as their cover story the Magic Statistics blog calls for Sarah Palin to be added to the ticket as PVP. Including links to the Palin for VP Blog.
March 6th Sarah Palin announces to huge surprise that she is around seven months pregnant and would continue to work as usual.
April 15th: Off to Dallas, Texas for Republican Governors Convention.
April 18th 4am: Waters break, she says.
April 18th Afternoon Morning: Delivers a Keynote speech.
April 18th Afternoon/Evening: Flies to Anchorage (8 Hours).
April 18/19th Later: Drives past regional hospitals to cottage hospital.
April 18/19th Later: Birth of 6 lb plus baby, "one month premature".
April 22nd: Back to work.

UPDATE Mon 00:30: It matters not whether this story is true or not - or the counter story that daughter Bristol was pregnant too at the very same time and had quickie wedding etc - or that Dale is such a dither over it, thereby disseminating - but the sport in this PVP appointment is terrific. Here's some sober discussion and a graphic I picked up at the same link.
UPDATE Mon 11:15: Our Manc in Mexico The Exile has posted an "end of" story putting the essence of this story - mum is gran - to bed. Here. The Daily Kos who started the story have posted the same picture. Many questions remain. How and why did an obviously pregnant woman and instantly recognisable State Governor get onto an eight hour flight?

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Exile said...

It's a lovely story, with only one slight flaw: it's total and complete bollocks.

I have just posted three pieces about Sarah the MILF and the last one had the proof of her pregnancy. Daily Kos has now backed down on the tale, but the whole business will be used by the GOP to slam the Democrats.