Monday, September 01, 2008

Iain Dale: Obsessed With Wrong Kind of Woman

Before spreading all those vile lies about poor Sarah Palin - with whom he is not obsessed - Iain Dale got into bed with Peter Hitchens in his daftness about Palin being the wrong kind of woman for the left. What tosh! Iain also ropes in that unsatisfactory chap Ray Lewis and suggests he was the wrong kind of Black person for the left and that he was or is a Tory.

But Ray Lewis wasn't a Tory. Was he? And he wasn't the wrong kind of Black person - he was the wrong kind of person full stop. And Sarah Palin is not the "wrong kind of woman". She is the wrong kind of person.

She is a militant creationist, anti Polar Bears!, pro Big Oil, allegedly corrupt re settling family scores, incredibly inexperienced however Dale & Co try to big up the parish pump she controlled, and I'm told fiscally incompetent/un-Republican. With a huge defecit and a sneak tax-hike that was double what she announced.

There is certainly no sign of her being vetted properly by the forgetful maverick Senator Magoo. Though youtube proves he has taken a good look at her assets post nomination. The Daily Kos has outed her as an Alaska Nationalist which might explain the imperative to get a pregnant mum back to the mother lode. [Last sentence, Update 16:58]


DES said...

Iain dale is a nutter with these remarks. Do they expect left wing people to go oooo she is women I must vote for her. Iain Dale is a first class pillock.
Look at

Jon Stewart satire of this pea brained logic. ::

Chris Paul said...

Thanks Des, I posted that with a namecheck

DC for PM said...

Oh what a shocker Chris you doing another article about Mr Dale
I think you have a little obsesion with him.