Sunday, August 31, 2008

Darling-Gate: Will Alistair Campbell Return to No 10?

AS journos everywhere continue to debate to "worst downturn for 60 years" meme as if it referred to the British Economy directly rather than the World context the Independent have an exclusive about some chap moving desks at Number 10. As usual the Indy headline and the usual blog suspects suggest he is out the door. When he's merely down the corridor. UPDATE: Guido more sceptical.

Hopefully this desk move presages a return for Alistair Campbell, whose clever dabs might even yet be found on Darling-gate.


Anonymous said...

* Alistair Darling has warned that Britain’s economic downturn will be the worst in 60 years. (ITN)

* Britain's economic downturn could be the worst for 60 years, finance minister Alistair Darling said (Reuters)

* Britain could be heading for its worst economic downturn for 60 years (The Times)

* Gordon Brown’s own chancellor admitted on Saturday that Britain was facing its worst economic crisis in 60 years (FT)

* Britain’s economic downturn will be more profound and longlasting than expected Alistair Darling warned (Daily Record)

* Britain's economic downturn is likely to be deeper and last longer than expected and could be the worst for 60 years (Daily Mirror)

* Mr Darling was speaking with "refreshing honesty" (Peter Kilfoyle MP) – and many Labour MPs queuing up to castigate him for what he said about the UK economy.

* Two million unemployed by Christmas? Big deal! (Chris Paul)

So, whose version rings truer, Chris. You seem to be the only one in step. And even if you are right about the downturn referring to the world situation rather than to the UK’s then what is the problem?

We were promised an “end to boom and bust”. Now I think that’s a rash, arrogant and undeliverable promise, but it was a promise nevertheless

Chris Paul said...

You make my point for me very well. The UK Economy clearly IS NOT in the worst downturn for 60 years. And according to OECD it is in the best position of all to deal with the problem.

Anonymous said...

How exactly have I made your point?

Anonymous said...

How exactly have I made your point?

And thanks for the reminder about Alistair Campbell. In our recent tiff about the link between pornographers and the Labour Party I had forgotten about the previous literary efforts of Ali C.