Sunday, August 31, 2008

Asbestos Loving Criminals Redux: Misplaced Comments

Strangely comments on my Asbestos Loving Criminals piece on some of Lib Dem Rochdale's finest hours under Sir Cyril have appeared under this post instead. Something else which the sad, bad, mad Rochdale "liberati" should apologise for. Their chief apologist - often the worst for wear - cannot even find the right place to spew his nonsense. And that at 11:30 am in the morning.

Some brilliant stuff coming through though. Dozens of stories for the deeply investigative Rochdale Observer to follow up. Or what's that? They are in the LD pocket by marriage? Similar to the Withington Reporter by birth, and so on. Then we'll have to do it ourselves.

Sadly many participants have been following the sad Lib Dem boozer-agent in remaining anonymous. Never mind. Fire with fire and all that. Here's a Youtube link one of the anonymous ones posted.


Anonymous said...

Classic Hennigan. He and Cyril are two peas in a pod.

If Rochdale's Alternative Paper was around today he could be in the famous comic strip Fatman. Hennigan could play the drunken lonely sidekick Robin.

As Fatman rescues some civic function with his super human powers, the caped boy Hennigan, y-fronts, cock and beer bottle on display, could take photos and send the press release off to the Rochdale Obscurer.

BTW. Contrary to what you have told people, RAP was never sued by Cyril. RAP was not closed down by Cyril.

Like a junk yard dog, Hennigan is reacting to bad news the only way he can. SMEARS, LIES AND INNUENDO.

News Editors are not stupid. They will see that what is he doing is PURE AVOIDANCE.

Dave, what a nice way to earn a living.
If you have an ounce of christian conscience in you (you tell people you are a good Catholic boy- or is that an anti asian "code word"?)then you will have a lot to get off your chest in your next confession.

Chris Paul said...

Dear Anon

Thanks. I don't think I've ever suggested that RAP was sued or closed down by Cyril. In fact I've said that he has never sued and that he appears to accept that all the stories there were correct and indeed that The New Statesman one was/is correct too.

Best w