Friday, August 29, 2008

Tory Green Initiative: Cam Policy Candour at Last

It's the Tory Green initiative as identified by one of Recess Monkey's little organ grinders. Not one of Nadine's.


Anonymous said...

Yet more libellous rubbish from a bitter loser and a bunch of losers, malcontents and idiots from Rochdale Labour Party. To have a go at an 80 year old man who is no longer involved in politics shows they are really scaping the bottom of the barrel.
They are trying to divert attention from ADULTEROUS, GIRLFRIEND BEATING SCUMBAGS who will be GONE soon. Also what about the former SOCIAL WORKER who is now Labour MAYOR????

The New Shitsman article is pathetic. Gutter journalism that is trying to take advantage of a good man. If the idiot who wrote this sad attempt at character assasination had spoken to Sir Cyril then his so-called 'exclusive' would have been fair and balanced- but rubbish journos trying to make a name for themselves stoop to some low, devious tactics to get a shameless scoop.

Nobody reads this left-wing wingeing rag for the chattering classes anyway.

Sir Cyril has made a statement to Rochdale Online, a news organisation that actually bothered to have the courtesy to speak to him.

Sir Cyril defended his actions in defending well paid jobs with the following statement-

"I would not say I supported the the factory, support is a strong word. I portrayed what I thought were the arguments in their favour. I have dug up the speech and there is nothing in there that supports the factory, it puts their side of the story across. All that I was doing was depricating those who were calling the company into question as the town's main employer that employed thousands of people.

"At the time there were a lot of arguments against other companies but T&N were one of the better ones who had done everything in their power to help their employees.

"It's substantially true that I knew about the dangers of asbestos to the health of the workers because there were a lot of them fell ill at the time but T&N employed thousands that did not fall ill and they earned a living from the company. I felt that should have been recognised."

Chris Paul said...

1. Can you please identify yourself for the benefit of other readers?

2. Can you please explain what is "libellous rubbish" about the post your refer to - which is not as it goes the one under which you have posted your rant?

3. Obviously Cyril is still involved in politics - he tried to stop Rowen getting the seat as recently as 2005 - and has recently been feted by LDs in Rochdale and beyond. Explain how he's "not involved in politics"?

4. Clearly if you are going to carry on your barmy campaigns of libellous vilification on my blog you ought to have the guts to identify yourself so writs can be slapped in the right places.

5. When you're wrong you must pay out losing bets. Particularly so when you are relying on a libel that others have the sense not to repeat when trying to bring about this "Gone" status for your enemies.

6. Cyril has little to be proud of when it comes to T&N, who had him in their pocket, on his personal exploiting behaviour, or in his calls to get Cisko hanged. He really was a pretty crappy MP, but Rowen is worse I feel.

7. Cyril is not even a Liberal by any sensible definition and he certainly should not be treated as a hero. He has done a lot of harm.

8. Your remarks about the journalist and publication are ridiculous. Particularly considering your own scummy output.

9. I may put this rant of yours on the face of my blog with annotations and I reserve the right to do the same to any similar material you submit and reserve the right to identify the author too.

Anonymous said...

Cyril Smith (or the boy Hennigan) is talking bollocks.

So Smith admits he let Turners write his speeches for him because even though he knew workers had been made ill, thousands of others did not fall ill.

He kept quiet about his constituents with asbestosis cancer, bought shares in the company, took dividends and did 'consultancy' work for T&N that he was 'thanked' for. All because others didn't get ill.

What sort of sick perverted logic is that?

Imagine if, for instance, young vulnerble boys were sexually abused in a hostel. Is it OK to defend that hostel if other happy, well adjusted former residents can be found? Does it mean the crimes never happened?

To say it is all a long time ago is no excuse either. Like old skool paedophilia, just because attitudes were a bit different back in the 1970's still doesn't excuse monsters like Fred West and Gary Glitter.

Cyril Smith has a lot of explaining to do. And so does Hennigan if he is trying to justice the cause of a pervert.

Anonymous said...


You are fat, bald and in need of help.

Anonymous said...

If Master hennigan is honest with himself he will realise he is up shite creek without a paddle. If he thinks he will be able to spin and insult his way out of this then he is a real liability for his party.

This will not his finest hour.

If he thinks that he can come out fighting and defend a sex offender's honour when he is bang to rights and up to his neck in asbestos then he is a fool.

To be fair, as a blow-in, Master Henigan has no idea about Cyril. If this is not the case and he does know about Cyril's long and dubious criminal past then he will sink with the SS Spanker and have to forget any dreams of becoming an MP.

Sir Cyril is not the innocent, Werthers Original sucking gentleman feintly smelling of wee that Hennigan suggests. If he thinks he will be the custodian of Sir Cyril's political legacy then he must not forget that there are many in Rochdale with very long memories.

ask Cyril about his time in charge of the petty cash at Royton labour party.

His time as a bookies runner, fundraiser and bingo manager for local gangster, sorry businessman, Fred Ratcliffe. Cyril's dodgy connection with Ratcliffe and Rochdale Football club landed him with a CRIMINAL RECORD.

But this badge of dishonour sorted Cyril out with Fred when he got him into the Spring business.

Get Carter, a film of the time, was so realistic to a lot in Rochdale. The screen portrayal of gansters, bingo halls, perverts and bent property deals was too close to home.

Cyril made a nice profit from redevelopment too. Always one for a sharp deal, he bought a newsagents just before his council put CPOs on the area for flats and a ring road.

Tales of Brown envelopes from the major (and minor) building firms are rife.

Lets not forget about his brother "our kid" Norman Smith MBE etc. A moron who spent a long time on rochdale's planning committee.

Once as Norman was delivering a speech in the Rochdale council chamber he stopped mid sentence. He was clearly heard complaining he couldn't read his big brother's speech notes.

At a time when the dukes of hazard were on the telly, they two were known as 'boss hog' and Enis.

If the Brothers Grim think they can scare their former brown envelope buddies into silence then they have another thing coming. Things are getting so hot that those who once took backhanders and turned a blind eye could soon be lining up to give queen's evidence.

Cyril's political fundraising has always been an embarresment to some in the Liberal party.

Back in the good old days when Cyril was giving his all for Rochdale. When Rediffusion was piped into Rochdale's council houses and brown envelopes made their way to their rightful place.
Did dog killer Liberal Leader and Rediffusion Director Jeremy Thorpe know of the bung?

There are a lot of skeletons in the cupboard.

Dave Hennigan is right, a lot of what made Rochdale what it is IS down to Cyril. Petty, nasty, vindictive, corrupt and shameful.

If Master Hennigan thinks he can thrown insults and dirt around then he better get ready to drown in a shitstorm.

Too many people know too much for this to be swept under the carpet anynore. The days of the old boy network in the police, freemasons and Rochdale Observer are OVER.

Anonymous said...

Cyril was a joke of an MP with a poor attendance record despite his speeches being written for him by murderers.

Founder of Rochdale Childer and committed supporter of capital punishment for sex offenders? Such a hypocrite should burn in the fires of Hell.

He made Rochdale into a laughing stock. Famous for being 30 stone and appearing on Russel Harty, Morecambe & Wise and next to children on Jim'll Fix It.

Nice One Cyril

Chris Paul said...

Chaps, chaps, chaps! Brilliant stuff, allegedly.

Anonymous said...

Yet one more example of your utter hypocrisy, vanity and cowardice, Chris.

An 80 year old man is accused on your site of several crimes - as far as I can see, none of which he has been charged with let alone found guilty of.

We can all go into the ins and outs of why that may be - including the remote possibility that this might just be the Labour Party throwing decades-old mud!

One unnamed contributor comes on your site to point out that this is libellous - which it clearly is.

Your reaction?
"Can you please identify yourself for the benefit of other readers?"

Subsequently, several other anonymous posters come on board to add more criminal accusations. Your reaction?
"Can you please identify yourself for the benefit of other readers?"

Actually, it wasn't. You just tell them that their contributions were brillant.

Are you really interested in investigating such allegations. Suppose you came across even more lurid, recent and substantial accusations about an MP that might be rather nearer home than the MP for Rochdale. Would you publish them?

And if it were a Labour MP?

Or would you want proof?

Presumably you'd want to know my identity to back up these claims. So are you now going to demand it of those making wild and politically-motivated allegations on your blog?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chris Paul said...

Dear anonymous. As you will see from my separate post about these comments I figured that if David Hennigan wished to come on here - pissed by the look of it, even though it was mid morning - and post anonymously including various vague libels. And given that others were posting in similar vein - though with non libels as it goes - also anonymously I would call that a draw. As anonymous 12:08 has apparently made the same allegations as Mr Hennigan but naming a name I will have to reluctantly remove that. But to be blunt the Cyril Smith stuff has been published before and is not disputed even by Cyril Smith or the various leaders of the Liberals of the time. I will not hesitate to make IP details of blog visitors available to legal authorities.
Best wishes
Chris P

Anonymous said...

When I first read your most recent post I thought that you were being eminently fair and I was more than ready to congratulate you.

But when I go back through the thread I find that you are being even more malicious and partisan.

Somebody (unnamed) comes on your blog to make allegations of a criminal nature. Your reaction is to tell them that they are brilliant.

Another unnamed contributor comments, quite rightly, that these accusations amount to libel. Your reaction is to demand that they reveal themselves.

I know that evenhandedness has never been your forte.

Other non-crimnal allegations are then made against a member of the Labour Party. You, quite rightly, remove them. But I would ask you to reread this thread and see if you think that some of the other comments should not also be similarly deleted.

You should remember that if a leaflet is libellous, then the printer of said leaflet is also guilty.

Dave Hennigan said...


I have not even read this till now, please do not presume I am posting when you get a bit of stick. I ALWAYS post revealing my name and hence people can understand my motivations. Cyril is being interviewed today by a journalist to set the record straight.

From Cyril’s contributions to the debate that centred an the safety of asbestos:

"I should make it clear that I am appealing not for any lowering of British standards but for an increase in the standards to be applied to our EC competitors. I urge the Minister to carry out the pledge that he has give today and to press strongly for the standards to be applied in the United Kingdom in 1984 to be applied throughout the EC at the earliest possible date."

"The Minister referred to substitutes for asbestos. It is clearly necessary to ensure in producing such substitutes we do not produce a substance which is as great or even greater a danger to the health of those producing it as the asbestos products now being produced."

Cyril’s recommendation that Turner & Newall sue Yorkshire TV over their documentary “Alice – A Fight For Life” was about one very specific issue. The film accused the company of withholding evidence from the advisory committee on the safety of asbestos. The very same pages that they were accused of hiding were not only given to the committee but actually appeared in the committee’s final report.

Cyril did not say that the TV programme was wrong about the dangers of asbestos. In fact, he said in the debate that followed, “That film would have been as good and as important if Yorkshire Television had chosen to stick to the truth, deal with the facts and attack the villains of industry rather than blatantly sensationalise a human situation which gives no joy to anyone.”

Cyril also asked that employers and unions work together to combat the problem of workers smoking while in an asbestos related environment. The combination of the two greatly increases the susceptibility of disease. This was met with lukewarm responses from Labour MPs. Nick Brown (still a Labour MP) said,

“The hon. Member for Rochdale rightly referred to the connection between smoking and asbestos-induced cancers. There is some evidence to show that smokers are more susceptible to contracting an asbestos-induced cancer if they are exposed to asbestos. We should be fighting for the right of a person, regardless of his job, to smoke if he wants to.”


tory boys never grow up said...

Funny I don't seem to remember Cyril Smith, his brother, or the Rochdale Liberals giving much of a say to T&N's victims in their hour of need. In fact they were studious in doing anything to help them at all. But now poor Cyril is over 80 everyone needs to give him the right of reply.

It is also worth noting that most of the Yorkshire TV documentary about which Cyril Smith complained related to an asbestos mill in another Consituency (where the Labour MP Max Madden had no hesitation in standing up for his constituents rights) - which very much pointes to his role as MP for the asbestos industry rather than Rochdale.

If Mr Hennigan wants to produce any evidence of Cyril Smith helping his constituents with their compensation claims - I will happily stand corrected - but they certainly were very quiet at the time - and he appears to have been rather mopre public in defending the interests of the asbestos industry.

tory boys never grow up said...

Cyril says to day

"At the time there were a lot of arguments against other companies but T&N were one of the better ones who had done everything in their power to help their employees."

Perhaps should be compared with this

"I was unaware of the dangers posed by asbestos until, in the early 1970s, I saw a moving television documentary called "Alice--A fight for life", which told the story of Alice, who was brought up in a terraced house in Hebden Bridge in the west riding of Yorkshire. As a child she had played in the streets with asbestos, making "snowballs". The asbestos had been emitted by Acre mill, nearby, and after a long and vitriolic legal struggle, Turner Newall--or Turners Asbestos, as it had been--eventually paid her compensation related to the asbestosis from which she died shortly afterwards."
Anne Cryer, MP, House of Commons, 4 Nov 1998

or this

"A voluntary labelling scheme was introduced for some uses. Pressure for further improvements continued to come from local MPs, some trade unions and people representing victims, such as asbestos widow, Nancy Tait. She helped reveal that the Turner Brothers' asbestos compensation arrangements, such as £1 a week for the widows of workers with asbestosis, had been largely unchanged since the 1930s. Her work helped to force Turner Brothers to improve their compensation awards. New regulations were introduced in 1987 and tightened further in 1989. In 1998 the government adopted a ban on all forms of asbestos, which was implemented the following year…"

"Asbestos: from 'magic' to malevolent mineral" by David Gee and Morris Greenberg

So Cyril wants to add the re-writing of history to his many past misdeameanours.

I think of all of this should be borne in mind by anyone who is ever naive enough to believe that the Lib Dems can be trusted to stand up for working class interests.