Friday, August 29, 2008

Graham Stringer: Saakashvili is an Imperialist Muppet

"Nobody in their right mind could think that it was sensible to risk a nuclear war with Russia in support of Georgian imperialism."

Suggests the increasingly Trotty Graham Stringer MP over at Manchester Confidential. Piece could do with a good harsh sub editing. Gordo is in charge at MC just now rather than Jono.

But ... while Graham's force-linked idea of a say Milliband vs Brown vs Cruddas vs McDonnell contest is more appealling than a Brown-knifing followed by the lightweights scrapping ... conflating the South Ossetia/Biafra matter with Labour leadership contests that never happened - where there is after all no vacancy just now nor likely to be - just seems a desperate stretch.

Lots of stuff happened in 1968.

Graham may well be right about South Ossetia however. The Axis of Freedom Loving "Invasions R Us" People are making complete arses of themselves lecturing Vlad on what's bad.

Saakashvili meanwhile acted in the build up to the Olympic Games opening. And do you know what? Both Vladimir Putin and Saakashvili's wife were away in Beijing when he started chucking his toys. Not sure which is more significant.


Culture Vulture said...

It's great to see that Manchester has a free thinking MP again!

Anonymous said...

Sak chucked his toys in response to provocation -no justification but it wasn't just a mad whim - from the Ossetians with a road-side bomb killing five Georgian Police. Road-side bomb sounds like the Ossetians getting matey with the freedom loving Al-Quiadar at least using their tactics.

Chris Paul said...

Who are you anonymous? Can you stand up your point? When was this?? What on earth leads you to suggest an Al-Queda link here???

It WAS just a mad whim. What a twonk. Right or wrong you don't shell random Russian civilians unless you are either very thick or very mad.

Chris Paul said...

BTW CV - there's free thinking and there's free thinking. The biafra-south ossetia thing really doesn't work. It is a stretch to support Mili tackling Brown as Woy should have tackled Wilson.

AFAIK Graham does not have much time for Mili and probably didn't for Woy either. Very strange stuff.