Wednesday, August 13, 2008

John MacDougall MP: Thirty Years Public Life in Fife

The BBC record the death of John MacDougall MP, a great servant of Fife, with thirty years in opublic life HERE. This is the death that Iain Dale wrongly announced some time ago and that Benedict Brogan trailed on his Mail Blog around the time of the Crewe By-Election.


Iain Dale said...

I did nothing of the sort and would be grateful if you would make that clear. I was told that a Labour MP had died - I had it double sourced, but I did not name John Macdougall or anyone else. Get your facts straight.

Miles said...

Double-sourced is no good when both your sources are wrong!
I'd love to see you run that defence in a libel case.

Dirty Euro: said...

What about the terrible sick story the SNP were campainging before he had died. That is sick. Do the tories and SNP have a soon to die list of MPs to campaign in the seats of before they die. It is sick and shows a harsh inhumanity.
I think this a big scandal that the snp will suffer for. They are sick.

Anonymous said...

It is sick the SNP would campaign before the man had died,.