Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Policy Exchange: Today's Tory Think Tank Twaddle

Nicholas Watt is extraordinarily kind to today's Today's Tory Think Tank Twaddle, that'll be Policy Exchange. The TTT founded by the NUTS supporter Michael Gove MP with the Defrocked non-JP Lewis appointing and now Cam advisor Nick Boles, currently directed by the Boris Chief Political Advisor Anthony Browne.

Not to forget the anti-Irish, anti-Islam, anti-Bendy Bus, anti-Newsnight propagandist and trickster Dean Godson who thoughts on buses are said to have swung the election for the clueless blusterer Boris.

Their thinking is going to go down great guns in Oxford, Cambridge and London where they say all housebuilding and regeneration should be concentrated as a magnet for the great unwashed from the unsustainable Northern cities - which to be blunt haven't a hope in hell of getting anywhere under a future Tory government.

So a great grab for votes in Liverpool, Blackpool, Sunderland and Leeds also. Magnificent stuff. Tories are doing their best to deny any and all connection to these policy proposals. But it won't wash. The Smith Institute may have erred slightly in their impression management when it came to favouring Labour and being favoured back. But they've never come out with such arrant rubbish as this.


Penfold said...

Report was written by a LibDem and a German.

Anonymous said...

The Tories are back!! They might as well just adopt the slogan On Yer Bike. Bloody idiots. This is what we'll get if that lot get in. A country run by bloody half witted public school arses and London based fucking egg heads!!

Dirty Euro: said...

Northern tories are turkeys voting for thanks giving day. Hague should explain why he wants to wreck the north.

Anonymous said...

Cameron claims on the BBC that “This report has got nothing to do with the Conservative Party”. Oh Really.

Policy Exchange was set up by prominent Tories and the report itself was written by Dylan Sharpe, who organised the media for the “Back Boris” Campaign.

Anonymous said...

This really is quite ridiculous. Three individuals (if you include the editor) come up with a number of ideas amongst which there a some ideas that most people think is idiotic - in a paper that is published by a think tank that calls itself 'an independent think tank' that happens to have been founded with certain principles that align broadly with the conservative movemenet. Some other idiots go on to claim that it some way the idiotic proprosals are in some way 'Conservative' policy or represent the secret agenda of the Conservatives. To misrepresent the ideas of three individuals as the policies of one of our political parties is absurd and the people that do it only serve to demonstrate their own partisan absurdity.

If we are to engage with each other - rather than shout at each other with ever more absurd claims about the real or secret agenda that our opponents have - then we need to actually listen to what our opponents say; not what someone else writes and says.

Dylan Sharp - whoever he may be - was not the author of the report which was produced by people called Tim Leunig and James Swaffield and edited by Oliver Marc Hartwich - you can find a copy of the report here -

As others have already said, I suspect that Policy Exchange is now one of David Cameron's least favourite think tanks!

Anonymous said...

Its a Tory thibnk tank. I know it. You know it. The dogs in the street know it. More importantly the voters know it. Lets see these fuckers unravel day by day over the next couple of years as the screw tightens around Camerons shallow empty headed rhetoric.

lorenzo23 said...

This is how the Tories think - it's brutal economics and based in S.E. England. If Cameron wins with a big majority expect to get another Thaterite shafting if you live above latitude 52 degrees north.

Diablo said...

I'm a bit late in joining this thread. (I've been on a week's sojourn into the Borders and Edinburgh - where, incidentally, Brown's stock is so low he was described by one of his erstwhile supporters as a snake!)

You little-brained Labour boys who have never grown up appear to be very desperate if all you can do is latch onto a think-tank paper that David Cameron has already called "insane". There is no mileage for you here - you're dead in the water as far as I can judge from all my contacts with "real" people.

You really do face electoral disaster with or without Brown. Get used to it. You are hated and rightly so.