Sunday, August 10, 2008

Navel Gazing from Blog Expert: Cease and Desist

My view is that Guest Posts hosted by Iain Dale's diary have been too long. It would have been better to taper the volume than give these people a platform. As John Leslie might say "it's damaging the brand". Such as the brand is.

Some of them have been spectacularly tedious, on top of being wrong. The review of the Dark Knight, usefully including the scren and cinema at which it was viewed, was otherwise spectacularly off beam with post-TWOT twaddle.

Have your say.

UPDATE 15:49: The people have spoken 55:45 against. Iain has reduced the phenomenon to Weekends and Special Occasions. Hurrah.

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Dirty Euro said...

OK so another labour mp has died so that's two deaths and a bizzare resignation in a matter of months of labour MPs plus the snp oveturning a 17% opinion survey deficit in a seat in one week to win by a convenient 300 votes . Give me a break How much do people need to realise this is an evil conspiracy killing labour.