Sunday, August 10, 2008

Senior Labour Source: Takes Biscuit or Gets Cream?

As David Osler comments at Dave's Part it is amazing how poorly the achievement of the National Minimum Wage and its tenth anniversary, and arguably the NHS and its sixtieth too, have been celebrated by Labour on T'Internet.

The above video has advanced a little over 100 viewings since Dave's post. To 572. It has been up for ten days or so.

But, looking at the Labour Vision homepage the FT are barking up the wrong tree in detail if not in the thrust of their arguments as they claim the portents are not auspicious:

The Tories launched Webcameron almost two years ago with a video clip of the Conservative leader giving his children their breakfast. The government responded with Labourvision on YouTube, the video-sharing website. Both failed to woo the masses. The sole clip posted by Labour in the past month on YouTube, Tenth Anniversary of the National Minimum Wage, has been viewed fewer than 420 times, compared with a six-figure audience for pop star Jordan Sparks.

In fact there appear to have been around nine videos posted in the period, keeping up an average rate of two a week. However, we would have to agree that these are not necessarily very inspiring material. Not even as far as the unedited BCU or H&S talking head formats can be pushed!

Though it must be said that the following one beats Labour Vision, not to mention Dale and GuF into a cocked hat. Well done Hopi Sen, and that talking cat naturally.

"Senior Labour Party Source" will never seem quite the same again. That little anecdote really does take the biscuit Hopi. But it is hard to deny the cat the cream.

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