Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Master Gove: Bites Smutty Hands That Feed Him

Even Iain Dale doesn't like it, taking the Michael, "IT" in this case being the opportunist illiberal witterings of a young Tory swot name of a Master Gove.

Recess Monkey grabs young Gove by the nuts as it were, exposing his donations from an "IT" Company name of Red Fig, and once again, here. "IT" in this case presumably being SEX rather than Information Technology as parliamentary readers might have believed. Guido puts the donations at £2,000 and £13,500 to or via the Tories CCHQ here. Trouble being that Red Fig produce the unambiguous chest fest that is I'm told NUTS TV.

Loaded founder James Brown (left) confesses to having been on a pub quiz team with the Gove, but doesn't think much of his thinking on this one.

TRIVIA: James made his name of course up here in Manchester. Pimping cubist-speed-punk and proto-gothabilly indie bands such as Big Flame and the Inca Babies, down the long-departed White Horse in Old Hulme.


Letters From A Tory said...

I couldn't believe it when I heard Gove laying into mens magazines. Shouldn't the Conservatives be talking about 'small government' instead of moaning like an authoritarian?

Chris Paul said...

Indeed. Particularly foolish if one is pocketing the NUTS TV's people's cash for campaigns and office running.