Monday, August 04, 2008

Unappealling Homophobic Registrar: Lillian Ladele

The petition to Islington to strenuously appeal the court's bizarre decision on their disobedient and truculent registrar Lillian Ladele is approaching 1000 signatures and could do with a step change.

Sign it and pass on the link. This woman is supposed to be a civil servant, not a judgmental, hypocritical priestess.
Unity at Ministry of Truth laid out some of the issues and intrigue.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the sentiments of the petition and will certainly be signing it.

However, it does rather stick in the throat that you are championing it on your website after your shameful (mis)covering of the Miranda Grell case.

This only adds to the feeling that you should have won with ease the "any donkey in the right colour rosette" award.

Chris Paul said...

Thank you so much.

But which part of my "I was wrong" post re Grell's convictions did you not understand anon?

And how are the two matters related exactly. Please explain.

Anonymous said...

If you could point me in the right direction of your mea culpa contribution I would be happy to tell you which parts I didn't understand.

The great god, Google, has had no luck unearthing any such thing. I know it must exist because you said so.

I can then explain how these two occasions of outright homophobia are related.

Anonymous said...

What a twat! Ignore or delete this one.

Tom Hagen said...

For once Chris, I am amazed to say I agree with you!!!!

Anonymous said...

When Miranda Grell was in court for her grotesquely homophobic election campaign, Chris Paul's attitude was that she was innocent until proven guilty and, (after she was convicted), innocent until found guilty on appeal (again, she was).

His attitude then changed to one claiming that all she was guilty of was mis-stating somebody's age and also that he couldn't be blamed for not believing the original accusations because they had appeared in the conservative press! I kid you not! Cretin.

The tribunal found in favour of Lillaian Ledele. I think that was a perverse decision, but one that Chris should accept if he doesn't want it to be seen that he only supported Grell because she was a Labour councillor (and one that was maligning a political opponent).

I have searched again for the post in which he admits he was wrong. Still no luck.

Chris Paul said...

You aren't much good at this searching game are you anon? As my position was that the parties in the other case were entitled to an appeal and in effect a re-hearing having faced a summary court there is no inconsistency with urging an appeal in this case. I didn't know enough about the evidence being presented when I started blogging about the Grell case. I was in effect commenting on other commentary. This was ill-advised. Though whatever other bloggers may have known about the detailed accusations was not AFAIK in the public domain.

The whole of my coverage of the matter comes up when you type the word "Grell" into the search blog box. The second most recent post if the one you need to read. And you can comment there too.

The two cases have very little in common if you ask me.

I don't want to start restricting or vetting comments just to keep your off topic, illogical and plain mean nonsense in check anon. But I'm going to follow the other anons advice as I see fit.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chris Paul said...

Er, that would be months ago anon. The past is another country and sadly your unreasonableness and smearage must lead to deletion.

Anonymous said...

Er, but it was the very post you directed me to.

Er, do I have this right? You object so much to the appearnace on your blog of anonymous contributors that you take the advice of one contributor who uses crude and abusive language to block a criticism of you from somebody else. And that the advice you are given comes from, er, an anonymous poster.

The facts remain that you were wrong about Miranda Grell at the time and have been less than honest to the boys and girls when you say that you have admitted you were wrong.

Can you please explain to me how accusing a political opponent of being a paedophile is merely wrongly stating somebody's age.

As with other evils, hompohobia doesn't just need actual homophobes, it also relies on "useful idiots".

If the past truly is another country, then I suggest you apply for a work permit there. You could always take up your current career as a go-between.

Chris Paul said...

You are continuously misrepresenting what I have said and written on this anon. I was wrong. I said so. You are wrong. Will you admit that and turn over a new leaf?

Anonymous said...

I honestly can't find any evidence of your 'admission'.