Monday, August 04, 2008

Witanagemot Awards: LOL Pipped By Dale on Loyalty

Sadly LOL has slipped out of the top three in the Labour-supporting blogs at the Witanagemot Club's annual awards. But there is some solace as Piper and Akehurst have been bested in the "vote for a donkey with the correct rosette" category where LOL is second only to the ubiquitous Dale. Witanagemot is a strikingly Euro-septic and pro-Englander blog. New boy Tom Harris MP has made three top threes and emboldened now proposes a half-interesting thought experiment. What would Labour say in opposition?

Meanwhile there are just eleven shopping days 'til stumps in Dale's "just for fun" awards. Send "Chris Paul - Labour of Love" and the names of nine other left of centre blogs you quite like to

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