Friday, August 01, 2008

Minimum Wage: Remember Poverty Pay Under Tories

Probably if my incoming mail was flowing smoothly I'd have had the word from HQ but in the absence of that Tom's New Direction gets the hat tip for showing us this with and without minimum wage comparator. Which shows up the Conservatives for what they were, and for what they still are if you ask me. Widgets soon hopefully.


Tom Hagen said...

That is flawed. Regardless of minimum wage, people wouldn't be on £1.20 an hour because of Labour's tax increases and the increases in the cost of living brought on by your government.

But if Purnell brings in the Tory "work for dole" reforms, that means people unemployed will be forced to work for their dole which works out at something like £1.20 an hour.

All Labour can do is dig up the past. This attempt is pretty desperate. I thought Labour went on how progressive they are, but all you can do is bring up the distorted history of the Conservatives. People want a solution for now, not to be reminded of what someone did years ago. That does not solve the problems this government has today.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing the linguistic terrorists of the Welsh Nationalists refused to vote for the minimum wage.

Tom H misses the point. It is not to hark back to what the Tories did but to remind people what they will do if ever elected.


Chris Paul said...

It is not very flawed Tom compared to your tosh. The minimum wage which has increased at far more than the RPI is an achievement and even at its relatively paltry level it would not have been sanctioned by Tories.

They will also not be up for the Living Wage concept that comes next. And the working for dole idea is not quite as yuou make out now is it and will be neither universal nor widespread if it did happen.