Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Little Boy Blue: Clogg's Speech Highlight Suppressed

Clogg's full text is available on his site. Well, when I say "full text" I am exaggerating. These are Lib Dems after all. For example the hilarious gag about "smurfs and toilet towel" being blue like the Tories is not there. Though Cam does still get to be the Andrex dog - nothing to do with the product. Tory product is shhh... being the implication.

INFORMATION COMMISSIONER: Plan to 'phone 250,000 households with robots tonight by these libdemologists getting some stick. Apparently Paddy Pantsdown did similar to 50,000 poor buggers back in July. Lord Rennard live squirming a bit. LOL advice: Do not hang up. Press numbers randomly. Do not listen. Object to the Information Commissioner. Object to Nick Clegg.

UPDATE 14:37: Iain Dale now has a PDF of the SNP letter complaining about this great telephonic assault on our liberties. And also some of the Lib Dem history with this auto 'phoning business. Which Labour also do, though generally only via real people Vera Duckworth or Sir Alex, and to identified supporters.

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