Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Old School Tie: Labour Select 'Batman' in Glenrothes

Many congratulations ot Labour Blogger Kezia Dugdale for achieving the short list of three in Glenrothes. Comments there are interesting, though I can't find the one Jess the Dog says, in comments at Iain's, indicates a stitch up. Apart that is on the SNP's shortlist-of-one routine. Kezia recounts the selection process and got around 15% of first preference votes. Labour's candidate is Rector of one of GB's old schools which I suppose relates to Alex's question (at Iain's) about Labour, Tories and ties.


Anonymous said...

The SNP were in full campaign before the previous MP had died so they do have an advanatge.

Chris Paul said...

So was Iain Dale. And Benedict Brogan.