Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Asbestos Lovers: More Guff From Team Hennigan

Given the recent interest in Sir Cyril Smith and his asbestos and other shameful back stories LOL is glad to facilitate debate with good albeit mostly anonymous exchanges here, here and here.

An anonymous one from Team Hennigan - whose hordes earlier tried the old standby of equating coal and asbestos - called me out to check up on one Roger Stott MP.

He was a Westhoughton and Wigan MP. The only connection I can see with that old carginogen Cyril is that Rochdale-born Mr Stott died in 1999 from cancer. Perhaps there's more to it? But I must say the manic drivel from Team Hennigan never ceases to surprise and delight in the nonsense stakes.

Image: From a discussion of the poor old City of Asbestos, Quebec where some further background can be found.

UPDATE 12:36: Thanks to a comment for link to this background. Stott was on the side of the angels on this while Smith was supping with the devil.


tory boys never grow up said...

Perhaps if the rewriters of history looked here they would find that Roger Stott helped people get compensation from Turners - so hardly a friend like old Cyril.


Chris Paul said...

Thanks TBNGU!

Anonymous said...

wow, hell of a blogsite.
I thought you brits were stuffed shirts.

This news about the old Spoden Valley MP stinks. There is a direct link between Canada and the Rochdale T&N factory. Much of the asbestos used hailed from our shores.

Who in their right minds would allow building homes where this factory once stood? Are the lies of yesteryear returning to make yet another fast buck at the expense of local folk?

As they say in Quebec. Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose. Translation: These fuckers are going to screw you again if you let them.

Our chrysotile asbestos is still sold to the developing world much to Canada's shame. But that is money and politics for you. Money eases the pain of any residue of conscience -even if the politicians boast they have "thick skins".

Blue, brown, white. The color of the asbestos doesn't matter- they all kill.

Cyril Smith aside, britain finally saw sense. Although you still can't breathe easy (a lot of asbestos still remains in buildings etc) at least the current politicians should be able to sleep at night on the asbestos issue.

In Canada too, there are good people fighting the asbestos gangsters and their lobbyists. It will be banned in Canada, but the bandwagon is already moving to Russia were they still mines huge amounts.

asbestos cancer has touched the heart of Ottawa:

The Honorable Chuck Strahl MP -asbestos cancer victim.

compare that to

The Dishonorable Cyril Smith exMP -asbestos lobbyist and T&N shareholder.

He may be old but for what he has done he should see the inside of a jail cell.